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These are the most popular video streaming platforms running in Africa

The video streaming business around the world keeps booming due the positive responses towards it. The hype keeps growing in Africa, so does the number of subscribers. Here are some of the leading and most popular video streaming platforms running in Africa. Some are African and some are from outside Africa….

Top 5 online shopping sites in Ghana

When it comes to online shopping in Ghana, most people are scared to buy or sell items. ….listing the most important online shops in Ghana where you can buy anything you want ranging from clothing, computers and accessories, phones and tablets, books….

Benefits of playing different games

Games are a prominent part of every culture. Games are responsible for promoting social interaction and cognitive behaviour among people. They provide a sense of pleasure and relax the minds of the player. Games are very beneficial for health because of the physical activity it obligates…Following are the benefits of playing different games discussed thoroughly….

Health startup mPharma raises $9.7m to grow its network of delivery points

mPharma is a venture-backed startup with a simple mission: to make prescription drugs in emerging markets easily accessible, and easily affordable.
The Ghanaian-based startup has raised $9.7m in its Series B funding……

Have you tried these 6 best Android photo editor apps in 2019?

The perfect photo says a lot but is it that easy to get? After multiple tries to get it right you may still end up with something you yourself wouldn’t like to keep on your phone. …will give a few best Android photo editing apps that are cool to use…

Cliqrun, the new delivery app making delivery of goods easier

However, the good news is an awesome new app has arrived which takes care of all your delivery services. Cliqrun is the new delivery app which allows you to order a pickup request for any item you want whenever, wherever. Items can be food, groceries, clothing and electronics…..

Microsoft Office now available on Apple’s Mac App Store for Mac users

Microsoft Office has finally arrived on Apple’s Mac Store after a little delay. The software company announced that Microsoft Office apps will be available for on the App Store by the end of 2018 but since it encountered a short delay, it had to be rescheduled…..

Here are the devices to expect at the Samsung Galaxy S10 event

There’s more to the Samsung Galaxy S10 event coming up in February than just the smartphones we’ve been hearing about for some time. Although the focus will primarily be on the Samsung Galaxy S10 family, the event’s keynote address is likely to introduce some other devices…..

Qwiqspace: The new experience for finding and booking event venues in Ghana

Finding and booking a venue for an event in Ghana can sometimes become a “who you know” affair where you have to know contacts who can find you specific venues for your event.
Event organizers still face the challenge of securing their desired venue and sometimes…..

Do you love movies? Here are the 4 best free movie apps for Android

The Android platform is a wonderful one if watching movies is your thing. Whether from a mobile device in the palm of your hand or beamed onto a vivid 4K smart TV…here are some of the best free movie apps you can get for entertainment on your device……

Uber introduces ‘Uber Lite’ for low connectivity areas

Popular ride-sharing app, Uber, has made an announcement on the launch of Uber Lite, with a redesigned interface. This redesign is to help those in low connectivity areas and limited data plans to book rides, on Android phones….

Snapchat to rollout feature that let public posts longer lasting or even permanent

Sources closer to Snap Inc. have disclosed to Reuters that Snapchat may roll out a new feature which will allow users’ public post stay longer or even permanent. The news…

8 tips to protect files on your hard drive 

A hard drive is the main memory of a computer that ensures data is made and stored correctly. Originally, it was used as a computer’s internal memory but has now evolved to become more transferable from one desktop computer to another. Irreplaceable files such as pictures, financial information, passwords, and other sensitive data are not entirely safe from viruses and other threats that’s why it’s imperative to…..

6 time management apps and tools you should start using today

Nobody can question the innumerable advantages innovation has brought us. Innovations have without a doubt enabled us to associate, perform, enhance and use our assets past what was once possible……

6 apps you need to download when planning to travel

Before smartphones, travelling was a way to switch off from technology and daily busy schedules. However, the modern-day convenience of technology has surprisingly made travelling even better and easier. From language translation apps to apps for finding places, there are so many mobile apps…..

Samsung likely to debut its 1TB storage chip with upcoming flagship phones

Samsung’s future phones will have a massive one terabyte (1TB) storage capacity… and that future might actually be right around the corner. Samsung started mass producing its 512GB storage technology and then the following year, it debuted its new phones. Now, the tech industry giant is again mass producing the first 1TB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) for smartphones….

CodeXtra: the Ghanaian app that connects you with tech freelancers

Truly, freelancing in Ghana is to some degree scrappy and not clearly characterized. A freelancer is an independently employed master in his/her field…..
CodeXtra was created by a Ghanaian…Ebenezer Narh-ngwah to connect, share and work together with people in the IT space to give answers for our regular issues.

10 best free Android antivirus apps to protect your smartphones in 2019

Android phones are some of the world’s nice-to-have devices. They don’t have that much restriction, allows customisations of choice, ocean of different apps for various activities. But there’s one major issue that puts me off about Android – security.
This article present to you a list of free Android antivirus app that can help protect you mobile device…..

5 language learning apps to master a new language

Learning a new language is no easy thing to do, especially when you have come of age. Children have proven to learn new languages faster than adults and while a language instructor is irreplaceable, language learning apps have come to revolutionize a lot of things and it has made language learning much easier…..

These tips will help alert you when your computer’s webcam gets hacked

Camfecting… that’s the term used to refer to the situation where someone takes control of your computer’s webcam. You may be wondering how someone can remotely take control of your web camera. It’s easy. This can be achieved through a virus that you may have downloaded …..

Roku’s free streaming service, The Roku Channel is now available on iOS devices

Hurray! Free TV shows and movies! The streaming service Roku is making its free, ad-supported streaming service, The Roku Channel available to iOS devices. Yes! You can watch The Roku Channel on your iOS device via the free Roku app….

MTN Ghana to create business platforms to help the creative industry

MTN Ghana for the past few years has involved itself in other fields of business. A notable one is their involvement in the creative industry, especially music. MTN Ghana promised to bring out platforms to help the creative industry by enabling the industry take advantage of alternative sources of music creativity and marketing.

Top African ecommerce platforms that are making the mark

Ecommerce keeps growing as shopping online is the thing now. A huge number of Africans are doing their shopping online. But how many African ecommerce platforms do you know? According to Statista, there are currently 65.4 million eCommerce users in Africa and…..

Samsung is about to release Android 9 Pie to its devices in a few days

Samsung is now bringing Android 9 (Pie) to its mobile phones, the release of the update back in August last year. Not all recently past phones are getting the update at a go – Samsung will release it slowly. Not all Samsung smartphones are getting the update at a go – only a few a getting Android Pie for now….
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