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How to turn off web notifications in Google Chrome browser

Web browsers like Google Chrome allow websites to send you notifications directly to your browser’s interface when you’re connected. Sometimes it can be annoying. For instance, you accepted notifications from… READ MORE

iPhone running out storage? Here’s how to free up some space

If your iPhone is running slow, it could be that your storage is running out. And if your storage is running out, you begin to get handicapped. You may even… READ MORE

How to track and find your lost Android phone with “Find My Device”

Smartphones are a part of our everyday lives but as humans, we sometimes misplaced them. Especially those that don’t own a car and have to take commercial vehicles for their… READ MORE

Google Chrome 74 released with Dark Mode for Windows; Android gets Lite Mode

Version 74 of the Google Chrome browser has been released for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS users. This version of the Google Chrome browser has support for Dark Mode on… READ MORE

KNUST students invent gas leak detector that alerts users via SMS

Gas leaks can be very disastrous when not checked in time. For this reason, people would need detectors to keep them alert if there is a gas leak. That is… READ MORE

Latest Update: WhatsApp could ban users from taking screenshots of private chats

A new update from the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, may prevent users from taking screenshots of private chats. This feature comes as part of the messaging app’s commitment to the… READ MORE

How SEO helps generate leads for your business

Are you looking to bring more leads to your business? Who isn’t? The real question is, how do you generate the kinds of leads that bring sales and revenue. There… READ MORE

Bank of Ghana releases Mobile Money interest payment schedules for 2019

Thanks to the Bank of Ghana, telecom operators now pay interest to their customers that utilise their mobile money service for financial transactions. For this year, the Bank of Ghana… READ MORE

Redesigned Snapchat Android app is now available

Recently, there was news that Snapchat had finished redesigning the Android version of the app. The redesigning of the Android app is to up its performance to be at par… READ MORE

Ghana medical drone delivery successfully delivers first package to the Tafo Government Hospital

The Ghana drone delivery network has completed its test flights and for the first time, it delivered an actual medical package to the New Tafo Government Hospital.  The drone delivered… READ MORE

Global Azure Bootcamp set to happen on Saturday, April 27

The Global Azure Bootcamp is a Microsoft event where experts and experienced developers help developers who are new to Azure learn about it. This year, the Microsoft Global Azure Bootcamp… READ MORE

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