Facebook organised “Icons of Change” to celebrate 40 young Africans in Accra

Facebook organised an event called the “Icons of Change” to celebrate 40 young people selected from countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in Accra. These young Africans including developers, entrepreneurs, and leaders… READ MORE


AirtelTigo joins Communications Ministry to help mentor young “Girls in ICT”

The Ministry of Communications has organised a program, “Girls in ICT”, to steer young girls who want to take up careers in the tech world in the future. The program… READ MORE


Apple just updated iOS 12 to patch a vulnerability that allowed jailbreak

Apple has just pushed out a software update for a second time to fix a vulnerability it had fixed previously. This vulnerability allowed iPhones to be jail-broken. Apple had patched… READ MORE


eCampus nominated for Mobex Africa Innovation Awards 2019

eCampus the learning app that is making learning adaptive, personalised, and informal has been nominated as the Education Technology Innovation of the Year in the Consumer and Social Good category… READ MORE


Top 3 best Android gaming apps to play

In the modern world, many numbers of people have been accessing the Smartphone for everything. The smartphone is considered as the backbone for the change in the digitization or revolution… READ MORE


Huawei is reportedly going to replace Android with Aurora OS in its smartphones

The woes of Huawei emerging from the China-America trade war is really not over as the company has been put on the list of barred entities that can’t use the… READ MORE


Yango has killed its unique feature to save riders’ pockets

One of the ride-hailing services in Ghana, Yango, has just killed off the main feature that made it unique from the others. That is the varied low-cost ride fares. Yango… READ MORE


Surfline celebrates 5th anniversary of providing quality 4G LTE

Surfline, the first 4G LTE business to launch in Ghana is 5 years today. In a brief ceremony held at their head office here in Accra, Surfline Communications Limited led… READ MORE


Apple has released iOS 13.1 beta version, actual version coming on September 17

Apple has just rolled out a beta version (iOS 13.1) of the upcoming major OS update — the iOS 13. This is quite a surprise because Apple has never released… READ MORE


5 things you need to know about workers compensation insurance

The modern worker compensation system in the US gives credit for its basis to the Sick and Accident Laws which were founded in Germany. These laws have changed drastically since… READ MORE


Yamaha Bolt aftermarket parts and accessories buying guide

With a classic look and a definitive growl, your Yamaha Bolt announces who you are whenever you arrive. It’s an iconic bike design for a reason, too. Bolt riders are… READ MORE


Tech Era launches an initiative to help develop easy assistive technology for persons with disabilities

An award-winning social organisation, Tech Era, has launched a platform that is going to help build the capacity and skills of African developers and innovators to develop affordable and easy… READ MORE


Selling on Instagram: 3 simple ways to be successful without paid ads

If you are running a business (especially a start-up), one of the most important things you will be focusing on is how to maximize your customer base, your profit… READ MORE


African Digital Summit and Expo 2019 is set to happen on August 31 with young entrepreneurs

The 2019 edition of the African Digital Summit and Expo is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 31, 2019. The event organised by ThirdEye Media is seeking to open… READ MORE


CUBE Robotics has launched the 2019 edition of ROBOMINE Competition

The 2019 edition of the ROBOMINE Competition by CUBE Robotics has been launched. This year’s competition is scheduled to take place on the 21st of September, 2019. CUBE Robotics, the organiser of… READ MORE


Stephen Aggor bemoans lack of dynamism in Ghana’s eSports scene

The president of Pyria gaming, Stephen Aggor, has bemoaned the lack of dynamism in the Ghanaian eSports ‘industry’ and has identified it as a contributing factor to the country’s inability to… READ MORE

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