Apple has released macOS 12 to be available for all  Macs and Macbooks. The recent update also named “macOS Monterey” comes with upgraded existing features, and new features as well.

While most Apple Macs and Macbooks are compatible with the latest update, others may not be able to upgrade to the latest macOS12. Those that can are not compatible are devices older than:

  • iMac 2015
  • iMac Pro 2017
  • MacBook Air 2015
  • MacBook Pro 2015
  • Mac Pro (that was released in later parts 2013)
  • Mac mini (that was released in the later parts of 2014)
  • MacBook ( that was released in early 2016)

macos12 monterey

That said, some of the new updates and features of the macOS12 are detailed as follows:

Facetime Update: SharePlay and spatial audio

FaceTime for macOS 12 has been updated with the addition of SharePlay, a feature that allows you to call up friends and family and then watch TV or movies together, listen to music together, or do so right from within the FaceTime app.

Participants will have synchronised playback and controls, and the volume will automatically change so you can chat and watch at the same time if you start watching a movie or TV show while on a FaceTime conversation.

For Music, you and your friends may listen to Apple Music tracks together and add new songs to a shared queue with synchronized playback controls.

You may share a complete screen or simply an app with screen sharing features, which is excellent for collaborating with coworkers, having a game night with pals, or arranging a group trip.

Spatial audio

FaceTime enables spatial audio, which makes individual voices seem like they are coming from the direction where each person is positioned on your Mac’s screen, making all of the SharePlay experiences much better.

Furthermore, dragging and dropping material from one Mac to another is straightforward. The devices only need to be next to one other, and the OS will figure out which device you want to transfer when you move the mouse to the edge of the screen.

Universal Control will come in handy for individuals who have many Apple devices in their setup. The function is self-configuring and activates when two devices are placed adjacent to one other.

AirPlay to Mac lets iPhone and iPad users share content to a Mac in the same manner that they would an Apple TV.

Focus mode

Focus, a more personalized form of Do Not Disturb, was introduced by Apple in macOS Monterey and iOS 15. Its purpose is to allow you to concentrate on what you’re doing right now while shutting out unneeded distractions.

For example, you may choose a “Work” concentration mode that disables alerts from non-work-related applications, allowing you to concentrate more effectively.

Apple has built-in Focus modes for sleep and driving, as well as the ability to build custom Focus modes. You may pick which applications and persons are authorized to contact you at various times using Focus.

If someone attempts to send you a message while you’re in Focus mode, they’ll be told that your notifications are turned off (though you can still get through in an emergency), and if you switch on Focus on one device, it’s instantly synced to all your devices.

Live Text and Visual Lookup

Live Text is a function that allows you to pick, copy, and paste text from photographs. When you photograph a receipt, macOS Monterey identifies the text and converts it into a format that can be copied and pasted into another program.

This works with typed and handwritten text, as well as URLs, phone numbers, and addresses. From a  picture of a  written phone number or email address, the interface can convert it to allow you to call or send an email to the number or address.

This tool uses on-device text detection, so no personal information leaves your Mac.

Visual Lookup

A new Visual Look Up function can recognize locations, works of art, canine breeds, and flora, among other things. This works in the Photos app for photos you’ve shot, but it also works on the web and in other apps.

Enhancements to privacy

Recording Indication

Apps that have access to your microphone will be displayed in the control centre, and an indicator will appear on the screen anytime an app is actively utilizing your microphone.

iCloud plus

The iCloud Private Relay function encrypts and safeguards all of your Safari surfing. You may connect to any network, and all communication leaving your device passes via two different internet relays. This guarantees that no one can develop a profile about you based on your IP address, location, or browsing activity.

This feature provides a “Hide My Email” option, which allows you to create unique, random email addresses that send to your own inbox. As a result, you won’t have to give up your real email address when filling out a web form or signing up for a newsletter.

Passwords Improvements

In the Passwords area of System Preferences, you may look up and manage your passwords.

You can produce two-factor verification credentials straight on your Mac without needing to utilize a third-party program thanks to a built-in two-factor authentication function.

In System Preferences or Safari, you may also import and export passwords from other password managers.


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