If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution to sell and ship across the globe, then look no further, MaaJoba, Africa’s giant marketplace is here to solve all those needs with their new e-commerce solution platform.

What Is MaaJoba?

MaaJoba is a cloud-based comprehensive and cutting-edge e-commerce solution for Africans to stimulate and increase local and continental trades online, a key to sustainable economic development. Built on the African social business concept with state-of-the-art technology, MaaJoba is aimed at sustaining the African Free Agreement Trade Area that would create a single continent-wide market for goods and services.
MaaJoba is the suitable cloud platform for African retailers and traders to build up their fully customised web-store and swiftly expand their markets in no time by selling with trust and ease their goods including but not limited to crops, fruits, vegetables, poultry/fishery products, art objects, hand-crafted goods, food, electronics, clothing, furniture and cars across Africa and the globe.
They make it easy and hassle-free to sell online with their built-in flexible and customisable shipping features (Pick-ups, Road, Air, Sea), advanced e-marketing, sales, and social business networking tools that you would not get elsewhere. At MaaJoba, you don’t just own a web-store but a Business Network where you are frequently in touch with your customers to drive sales and build loyalty and trust.
The platform is built with one and unique goal in mind: Expose African traders, retailers, and entrepreneurs along with their fully customised and independent web- store to larger markets to drive and sustain growth in international e-commerce.

Benefits Of MaaJoba

  1. Make e-commerce technology easy & hassle-free for Africans and anyone in the world (mainly growing economies) to sell online and ship worldwide using our built-in flexible and customisable shipping features (Pick-ups, Road, Air, Sea).
  2. Being exposed to larger markets means more sales, great business opportunities, and growth that suppliers would not be able to achieve with any other e-commerce platforms. This is what makes MaaJoba’s heart and its cutting-edge e-commerce technology & business model.

  3. MaaJoba traders can expand in no time their target market with our built-in e-marketing/sales tools, unmatched features & Artificial Intelligence capabilities to drive sales.

  4. Sell goods at retail price and wholesale price.

  5. Set up your target markets (where to sell & ship to) and also add your shipping carriers & set up shipping fees.

  6. Offer your customers coupons/discounts (new & existing customer discounts), free shipping & great promo deals to drive up sales

  7. Use our built-in social networking tool to convert your friends into customers & build your business network seamlessly to drive growth, a feature you would not get elsewhere.

How To Use MaaJoba

To get started, visit their website https://maajoba.com/ and sign up. After signing up, select your preferred plan and start enjoying the most suitable and feature-enriched e-commerce marketplace.
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