It is incredibly difficult to underestimate the extent of bingo’s popularity in the 21st century, as it really does seem as though everybody is playing it these days. Where it was once only the province of wealthy Frenchmen with the “Le Lotto” game, or used in German schools during the 1800s to teach mathematics, bingo is now played all around the world, and by all sorts of varied demographics. 
It is therefore of no surprise that bingo can regularly be seen on the big screen or on TV, as it is a game that can be very reflective of social realities. The other thing about bingo at is that it is perfectly poised to work well in film or TV plots because of its reliance on chance and “fate”. Can you really think of a better way of suggesting a particular character is luckier than the others, for example? Regardless, lucky bingo numbers are often found in films and on TV, read ahead for a compilation of our favourites. 


Over the years the Hollywood sweetheart and hard man Ben Affleck has graced movie theatre screens many many times, in particular with the box office smash hits such as Good Will Hunting and Gone Girl. A paycheck is perhaps one of his lesser-known movies; however, this does not mean it’s very good, in fact it is actually one of his best films in our opinion. 
The classic thriller is based around the renowned novel by famous Sci-Fi author Philip K. Dick, and as you might imagine it is quite the pulse-quickener. But anyway, in the film Ben Affleck’s character ends up winning a huge fortune from a game of bingo, and the lucky numbers involved were 4, 17, 22, 26, 37, 44 and 70. Remember that next time you play! 


Lost gained a reputation during the 2000s for being an impeccably produced piece of TV entertainment. However, it was also criticised by some for being perhaps too complex and confusing. We’ll leave that decision to be made by you ultimately, as everyone has their different tastes; however, one thing you cannot deny is the extent of Lost’s crazy legacy. 
Regardless, in one of the episodes, the character of Hurley ends up winning a sizable sum whilst playing bingo, however, the numbers he wins with then keep on appearing throughout the series. Nobody knows quite why, or do they… Anyway, Hurley’s numbers were 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. 

It Could Happen To You! 

This quintessentially 90s film was all the rage a couple of decades ago; however, it has since fallen somewhat into obscurity. Regardless, in this film, we find a handsome young policeman who is unable to tip the waitress who is serving him, and instead tells her he will split the winnings on a game of bingo.
What do you know? He wins and then makes sure to share some with the waitress. The numbers here were 6, 8, 12, 16, 26 and 6.

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