Arizona is the sixth-largest state in terms of area. Its weather and topography are among its most notable features: Northern Arizona offers forests, mountain ranges, and canyons. In contrast, Southern Arizona has a hot desert environment, so you can find entertainment for all. The Grand Canyon is just one of the state’s many national parks, monuments, and forests. Arizona shares a border with New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, making it one of the Four Corners states. The only area in the United States where four states meet is the Four Corners. Mexico, California, and Nevada all share Arizona’s border.

The Grand Canyon is the number one answer to the question “what is Arizona known for?” Arizona is well-known throughout the world because of this natural wonder. The canyon stretches for about 300 kilometres along the Colorado River. When you stand and look out over the canyon, you can’t help but feel small and insignificant in the face of it’s majesty. Thousands of international tourists visit the park each year, it’s rainbow walls attract visitors from all around the world. Some hikers even manage to traverse the canyon all the way from one side to the other. When you realise that certain parts of the canyon are 18 miles across, this is a rather astounding feat. Others come to ride donkeys to the bottom!

However, as well as the obvious, there are also some fortunate parts of Arizona where people have won big! Let’s now look at a few of those places.

7-Eleven, 4840 N. 67th Avenue, Phoenix ($1,000,000 ticket sold in 2018)

R-G Mini Mart, 12239 NW Grand Avenue, El Mirage ($1,000,000 ticket sold in 2018)

Circle K, 2012 W. Southern Avenue, Mesa ($1,000,000 ticket sold in 2018)

Circle K, 18675 S. Nogales Highway, Green Valley ($30,000 ticket sold in 2018)

ASL Phoenix Terminal 1, 4740 E University Drive, Phoenix ($20,000 ticket sold in 2017)

The places with some of the most frequent wins include:

According to the Arizona Lottery, the SV Food Mart on 7th Street in Sierra Vista was the luckiest retailer in southern Arizona. They made a total of $150,277 by selling 14 scratcher tickets with prizes exceeding $599. They also sold two draw game prizes worth more than $4599, bringing the total to $154,277.

The Tucson Lottery office on Broadway near Country Club, which was ranked second, may surprise you. According to the Arizona Lottery, four scratcher ticket rewards worth more than $80,777 were won. They also sold nine draw game prizes for a total of $179,254, bringing the total to $260,031.

Or for genuine inspiration, check out this story which is sure to keep you interested.

A married couple from Glendale, Arizona, is taking home over a quarter of a billion dollars. The $414 million winning ticket was purchased at a Circle K in Glendale, located at 20203 N. 67th Ave. The cash option is worth $319.9 million, less $76.8 million in federal taxes and $15.3 million to the state of Arizona, for a total payout of $227.8 million to these fortunate players. Under a state statute passed last year, the couple has chosen to stay secret indefinitely. The multi-draw ticket won the 11th highest jackpot in the game’s history by matching all six numbers.

“We are ecstatic to see this couple win our first-ever Mega Millions jackpot,” said Gregg Edgar, Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery. “The Arizona Lottery is all about making dreams come true for our players and creating greater good in our state. I’m confident that this incredible reward will go a great way toward realising this couple’s aspirations and encouraging many more Arizonans to dream bigger while doing good.”

Despite their desire to stay anonymous, this Glendale couple is delighted to share their winning tale. He is 70 years old, and she is 63, and they have been playing the lotto for 38 years. They chose their own numbers based on birthdays in their families. She explains her hand was itching for weeks which hinted that money was on the way. “I also spotted a gleaming new head spinning penny right before I bought our tickets, so I knew I’d be in luck.”

She claims that when she checked her numbers and realised she had won, she screamed and went through the house to inform her husband, who still can’t believe they won. He says, “It’s a fantastic feeling, and it’s confirmation that you can’t win if you don’t play.” “I feel a lot better today, and it feels great to know that there will never be another expense I can’t pay.”

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