Roti is one of the most used food in our meal. In different places of India, there are many types of roti available all with varying styles of cooking and different ingredients. While most of the people still eating the same traditional roti, Lot of people try to come with variations to make the roti tastier and also replace the regular flour with something else.

Other flours that contain nutrients like calcium, protein iron are jowar, soya, bajra, ragi, etc. with giving these nutrients, they are also very low calorie that can help with both taste and health.

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Essential things to keep in mind

  • To compensate low vitamin and mineral in the body, adding one vegetable in the flour dough.
  • While making the dough or kneading the dough, avoid adding fat butter or ghee to it.
  • Cook with olive oil to reduce the amount of fat.
  • Leaving roti for some time can cause it to be chewy, which is not good for health. Eat them as fast as you can after cooking.

Here are some types of low-calorie rotis example:

Oats Roti

Oats Roti

Oats Roti is one of the very healthy, low fat, low-calorie rotis. It is effortless to cook for beginners. Often many vegetables are added in the flour along with oats to make it tasty and healthy such as coriander, green chilli, onions, etc.

Key ingredients that are used to make oats roti are Oats, whole flour, vegetables, peanut oil. These ingredients have their health benefit properties. Oats are known to be a perfect cholesterol-lowering agent as it contains “beta-glucan” a rich fibre. As they reduce cholesterol in the body and produce good cholesterol (HDL), they are said known as Heart’s best friend.

Peanut oil is always a good choice over others because it protects the heart by reducing inflammation of arteries.

The common choice of flour while making oats roti is wheat flour because compared to refined flour it contains high fibre. Adding onions and other vegetables mean extra minerals and vitamins.

It is best to serve the oat roti hot with low-fat curd or low cholesterol dishes.

Method of Making

Making Oats roti is very easy. Take a bowl with wheat flour, start adding other ingredients such as oats, small chopped onion, green chilli and coriander along with salt and oil. Add other vegetables as required. Mix all the ingredients along with water as required to form a soft dough. After the soft dough is formed and cover it and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. After 15 minutes make medium sized balls from the dough equally.

Take one of those balls to roll it round shape using some wheat flour to aid the rolling. Be careful while rolling because it tends to crack or tear because of onions. Using Rotimatic roti maker can be very useful instead of rolling them somewhere else. After the round shape thin layer rolling is done place it in heated non-stick Tawa. Add peanut oil and flip another side, till it turns to golden colour both sides. After both sides are golden place it in the casserole and it is ready to serve. Check Rotimatic Reviews first, as you are going to purchase it for a lifetime.

Besan Roti

Besan Roti
Home made Gluten free Chickpea flour Roti or Besan Roti or Chapati or bread on a plate .

Roasted besan is often found in sweet stores as it has a rich and appetizing aroma. When roasted aroma with garlic, green chilli paste stuffed comes together for making roti, it is destined to be delicious. Besan is known as gram flour or chickpea flour. Chickpeas are very well produced in North India, and that’s why it is a prevalent and popular type of roti in North India.

It can be handy to health as it contains vitamin B complex, Iron along with fibre. Many people also prefer Besan Roti for weight loss as it is low carbs and plant protein sources. It gets dry if you don’t eat it immediately, and fluffiness decreases. It can be served with many dishes and low-fat curds.

Method of Making

Take a bowl with wheat flour and add low-fat curds as required along with salt. Mis everything with hand or spoon and use sprinkle of water to make the dough soft. When it is soft enough cover it and let it rest.

When the dough is ready to make medium-sized balls from the dough, and equal size balls from the stuffing of ginger-green chilli paste with roasted besan and coriander. Roll the dough in round shape using sprinkles of wheat flour. When it is round-shaped add the stuffing and roll it tightly and seal all the edges, so the stuffing stays in.

Make it a ball again and roll it to round shape carefully as a little crack can cause stuffings to come outside. Place the roti on tawa and cook both sides until it starts to change golden. After it is little golden, lift it and roast it over the direct flame till brown spots start to appear. You can also make it well in rotimatic. After brown spots on both sides serve it immediately with chutney or other dishes.


These are the most common types of roti used as low calorie, as well as many health benefits.

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