You have to make that all important call but you are out of Vodafone credit. To make matters worse, there is no Vodafone vendor around.

Maybe, there is a Vodafone vendor, but you don’t have physical cash to buy a scratch card; and buying Vodafone credit on credit is not an option.

Sometimes too, scratching a lot of cards to purchase an internet bundle can be very hectic.

Don’t worry! There are a lot of methods that can help you  purchase airtime without having to go through the hassle of moving from place to place just to buy a scratch card. You also don’t need to scratch/buy a lot of cards just to load your Vodafone credit.

Methods Of Loading Your Vodafone Credit Without A Scratch Card

Vodafone Cash

You can use Vodafone Cash to purchase Vodafone airtime by following the following instructions:

1.Dial *110#
2. Select Buy Airtime.
3. Choose My Phone.
4. Enter Amount.
5. Press 1 to confirm or 2 to decline.
6. Enter PIN.

There are also many payment platforms in the system now. You can use any of these payment platforms to make the purchase:

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