The Medivator app is a mobile spiritual recharge station which enables the fire from the altar to accompany and empower you whenever you want, wherever you are!

Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel International, today, June 4, 2016, on Facebook has announced the release of the Medivator app.

Honestly, this is the best time for such a brilliant Spiritual solution for many Christians around the world who are struggling with keeping a disciplined Christian life or relationship with God either due to their business lifestyles or some addictions which corrupt their desire to want to learn and fellowship with God.

This tool is not Spiritual software; It is a weapon of spiritual warfare! A lifestyle of meditation will secure your victory any day. It is the key to your Inheritance in Christ, which is only accessible by Revelation of God’s word.

Our Christian life just got exciting! You no more have an excuse. Get this app now and be blessed as you engage and build your spiritual life.
This app is going to help many in the following ways:

  1. Transform lives through the access of revelation by challenging users to meditate on the word, and with impactful spiritual contents in audio and video, testimonies and prayer, in line with scriptures.
  2. Helps users have a well-scheduled prayer lifestyle by following other spiritual leaders prayer lifestyle or customize something they work with.
  3.  Testimonies do not only serve as pointers to our own breakthroughs but also build our Faith. Users of the app will receive both testimonies, and prayer points to empower their prayer life. The app also makes reservation for users to send their testimonies, or make prayer requests for pastoral attention.
  4. The church will also use this as a medium to send information to members.
  5. Using the app, the user can access the church’s website and live stream contents that are made available.
  6. Users will also receive automatic service schedule alerts worldwide, so they can always stay connected and never miss any opportunity to be in presence of the Lord.

How does the Mediator App work

This can be turned off by selecting User-defined Lifestyle and deselecting all the hours.
To customer your preference:
Go to the menu, click settings.
These are some of the options available on the app.


1. Prayer Lifestyle available option

  1. David – This option auto-starts every hour (by default)
  2. Daniel – This option auto-starts at 9:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm daily.
  3. Bishop David Oyedep – This option auto-starts 10:00am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm daily.
  4. User-defined – This option auto-starts at hours selected by you.

Please note that items in RED colour are your current app choices, and it will change once you save your new choices.
Customized Setting prayer lifestyle times
With this feature, users of the app can select their own preferred hours within the day at which the prayer lifestyle options should start.
Please note that this application is internet dependent and may not function properly if your internet connection is weak or unstable.

2. Word/Meditation Duration

This feature allows users of the app to control the length in minutes within which your session with Word will run.  You can an option of 1 – 30 minutes.

3. Topic Interest

Users can use this feature to personalise their Word/Meditation session on the app. This allows you to choose specific Topics in the Kingdom you wish to improve especially with areas where you are challenged.

You are all allowed ONLY one selection per time, however, this can be changed anytime by the user.

Some of the Topic options you will find on the app include: Word, Faith, Vision, Soul Winning, Vision, Business/Career, Wisdom, Prayer, and a lot more.

How to download the Medivator app

Simply click on the red button below or click here

I have installed mine and will start using it after publishing this article. This I know will be a blessing to all who engage with it. I thank God for the life of Bishop David O. Oyedepo and the leadership of the Church for this innovation.

Feel free to leave your comment and user experience with the Medivator App.


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