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Staying abreast of technological trends is one of the most important things to do in our current dispensation. You cannot afford to miss any news update, gadget release, review or even a piece of information that lets you know how to use your gadget, software or social media.

For this reason, tech blogging worldwide has gained grounds as far as its level of importance is concerned. It is good to know what’s going on but it is better to have more credible information from more credible tech sources. That is why I want to share with you, the top ten tech blogs in Australia.

Gizmodo gives you 24/7 news updates in the tech world, reviews and Australian science among others. It  localizes the best posts from the US + UK editions.


Lifehacker is a very popular tech blog in Australia which also, like gizmodo, localizes content from its UK and US versions. If you want some tech tips and tricks, this is the site to visit.

This is one of the best tech blogs in Australia for news, reviews and info on new gadgets. On cnet, you will also get tech videos and information covering latest topics like smart home devices and electronic accessories.

TheNextWeb founded in 2006 is now the world’s largest online publisher that delivers latest information for internet technology, gadgets , new devices & info related to tech companies. They are very active on Social Media and post content in a viral way with over a million likes on facebook alone.


With the tagline “news for nerds, stuff that matters”, slashdot brings timely news updates from all angles in science and technology. If you want to know more, just read the about page and you will know why it’s a news for nerds.


Founded in 2005, mashable covers a plethora of topics under technology including device, gadgets, reviews and start ups.

This is one of the bet Tech news magazines. It was founded in 1998 and has been able to cement its position as one of the trusted tech blogs in Australia. They provide game reviews, tech policy analysis, hardware performance review and gadgets among others.


Zdnet comes with an amazing design and has a lot of informative articles on technology services and products.

On, you get the best content on everything tech and social. The site blends information about technology with the pressing needs of the masses who read through the use of various content marketing skills.


Probably saving the best for the last in my estimation, fossbites is one of the fastest growing tech blogs. Launched in 2014, fossbytes provides timely reviews and in-depth reporting on tech events and happenings across the globe. For all your information on windows, android and iOS, fossbytes is the sure bet.

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