Google and its parent company Alphabet and their corporate structures have been all over the internet since the two co-founders decided to step down as CEO and President.
Well, here is the list of the companies that come under the Alphabet umbrella. Know that Google is the biggest subsidiary under Alphabet and it has its own subsidiaries. The rest under are collectively called the “Other Bets”.

Companies under Alphabet Inc.

  • Access (Google Fiber): High-speed internet, TV, and phone services.
  • Verily: Healthcare and disease prevention research.
  • Sidewalk Labs: Urban tech innovations.
  • Calico: Researching and developing drugs to fight age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc. to prolong life.

Calico, subsidiary of Google's Alphabet

  • GV: Venture arm for early-stage startups.
  • Google Capital (CapitalG): Equity investment for later-stage startups.
  • Jigsaw: Tackles geopolitical problems (like extremism, censorship) with technology.
  • DeepMind: Artificial intelligence research.

DeepMind,  subsidiary of Google's Alphabet

  • X: Secretive R&D labs.
  • Project Loon: Internet access to two-thirds of the world via hot air balloons.
  • Waymo: Self-driving cars.
  • Project Wing: Drone delivery service.
  • Titan Aerospace (Project Titan): Solar-powered drones to fly for years and spread internet access around the world. Now part of Project Wing.
  • Makani: Airborne wind turbines.

Makani, subsidiary of Google's Alphabet
These companies listed above are the ones that are directly under Alphabet and part of the Other Bets group.
The following are under Google itself. Heads of these companies/services/projects report directly to Sundar Pichai, boss of Google, not directly to Alphabet.

  • YouTube
  • Google Maps
  • Adsense: Online advertising.
  • Android
  • Nest Labs: IoT devices/hardware unit. Includes all hardware from Google — from Pixel phones to Chromebook, Google Glass and smart assistants.
  • Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP):
    • Jacquard: Smart fabric.
    • Soli: Touchless gesture control research.
    • Spotlight Stories: VR films.
  • Google Cloud: Cloud computing platform. Houses G Suite, Hangouts Meet, Google Mail, Google Plus, Cloud Search, Google Drive, and Calendar.
  • Chronicle: Machine learning to help fight security threats.

Products like the Pixel phones, Google Home (Search), Chrome, and Google Play Store are under Google proper, which is run by Sundar Pichai, currently CEO of both Google and Alphabet.

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