Liquid Labs, the innovation and partnerships arm of Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), a leading pan-African technology group, has introduced three new online courses on legal technology aimed to support career development amongst students, entrepreneurs, and lawyers.

The courses result from an alliance between Liquid and Africa Legal, an organisation that connects legal professionals across the African continent.

Speaking on the new courses, the Group CTIO at Liquid, Ben Roberts said new technologies are challenging the way Africans do things in their everyday lives.

“We’ve partnered with Africa Legal on these courses to better equip lawyers through technology and support technologists to engage with the law. Our aim is to empower and encourage professionals and students in both sectors and to help them leverage these opportunities.”

The following are the courses that Liquid Lab will offer:

Leveraging of Legal Technology to Grow Your Firm – This course encourages students to conduct their business in a way that leverages the inherent benefits of legal technology.

Change Management for Lawyers – This course provides the learner with critical change management perspectives relevant to business development.

Fundamentals of Business Law for Entrepreneurs – This course is designed for emerging entrepreneurs. It provides the platform of legal knowledge required to begin to grow a business from initial start-up to becoming investment-ready. It will share some insight into what to look for when partnering with a law firm that will be a valuable ally in growing your business.

Scott Cowan, CEO of Africa Legal, said he was delighted by the partnership, which was in line with the platform’s vision of building networks, reinforcing pan-African relationships in the legal community, and building capacity.

“This is just the beginning of an exciting journey and we look forward to offering so much more to our Africa Legal community by way of news, job opportunities, and education,” he added.

The courses will launch on 4 November 2021 – interested readers can pre-register using the company’s website.

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