Link your decoder smart card with StarTimes App: Here’s how

link smart card to startimes app

The Digital TV market has, over a period of time, become quite choked. This increase in the number of services can be accounted to digital migration and an increase in the patronage of on-demand TV services.

With various solutions, you now have total control over what you watch and even more recently, where you watch it. StarTimes, for instance has a mobile app. The StarTime App allows you to watch live TV from your phone. There are free to air channels and the ones you must subscribe to.

With this, you can also link your decoder smart card with the app, and move with your TV everywhere you go.

It’s a simple and easy procedure that only requires you to know the details of your smart card ID number and your decoder serial number.

How to link decoder smart card with StarTimes app

When you open your StarTimes app, look out for Me button, usually at the bottom of the interface. Select it, and you should be able to see your account details. On the page, look under Decoder Subscription for a Link icon. Tap it.

A new interface will open requiring you to enter your smart card ID number and the last 6 digits of your decoder’s serial number. If you don’t know this serial number, you can check below your decoder, it is printed there.

Enter the card ID number, the 6 digits required, and tap the check box to agree to the terms of service. Tap Activate to confirm.

If all the information has been entered correctly, your smart card will be successfully linked to the StarTimes app on your device and the two will be bound.

startimes app

And if you have a decoder, but are missing out on this, you can download the StarTimes app from the here to watch all the entertainment from the comfort of your phone or tablet.

Image Credit: StarTimes


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