Local search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role when it comes to putting your cannabis business in front of local consumers who may be searching online for products such as yours. Utilizing strategies to boost the effectiveness of your Local SEO is, then, one way to increase your sales.

Link building is an example of an effective local SEO strategy. Search engines use these links to determine the authority of your business website, making link building an integral component of your digital marketing efforts.

That said, we present you with simple but effective link building tactics to help boost your local SEO.

Capitalize on Local Citations

Any textural reference to your business website is known as a local citation. These references may include a link that directs website visitors back to your website. Here are some of the most common forms of local citations:

  • Online mentions
  • Local government pages
  • Job listings
  • Local non-profit organizations
  • Event listings
  • Local newspapers

Local citations may include your business name, contact information, a website link, or some combination of the three. However, you shouldn’t submit your listing to just any business directory. You should research for reputable business citations that may give you quality links.

Get Manufacturer and Supplier Links

This is perhaps the simplest link-building tactic. Being a retailer, you’re most probably selling a wide range of cannabis products from different manufacturers. It’s advisable to provide these manufacturers with all your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) details as they may want to refer customers looking to purchase their products to your local store.

It’s also worth noting that search engines like Google take NAP information into consideration when determining which businesses to show for geo-targeted searches. This information is thus critical if you want to rank well in the local organic search results.

Network with Online Cannabis Influencers

Your relationship with online influencers in the cannabis market should entail much more than just ‘sponsoring’ posts. You should work in partnership in a bid to not only build your brand awareness but also provide value to their audience. In this way, they will end up mentioning your brand in their blog posts. It may also result in guests posts that will drive traffic to your business website.

Sponsor a Local Event

Having your cannabis brand sponsor a local event is an excellent way to build your reputation in the local market, both offline and online. In light of the fact that your local cannabis business largely involves face-to-face transactions, an event will present the opportunity to bring the community to your doorstep. Be sure that the event you’re sponsoring is not only focused on your existing consumers but also on converting potential customers into actual buyers.

In Conclusion

You understand that your cannabis business needs to rank higher on Google. You also understand that improving your ranking in the search engines requires proper local SEO, which may take some time to get established before you begin seeing results. However, there are several ways to boost the performance of your local SEO, link-building being one of them. The tips above will make your link-building efforts easier.

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