Link Building is a vital element of a successful SEO strategy. There are hundreds of ways to build backlinks, and guest posting is one of the ways to generate quality backlinks to your website.
The strategy or plan of building backlinks can differ for every website. It is because not every blogger follows the same path of reaching a successful destination. However, if you feel that your strategies are not working out, you can take the help of the Blogger Outreach platform that will make your task effortless.
On the other hand, various tools, such as Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush, will help make your link building strategies strong. Maintaining the consistency of generating backlinks can be difficult for many online marketers. Keep in mind, setting an objective for link building is important, and you need to consider this at any cost.

Top 11 Link Building Strategies for 2021

A powerful link-building strategy is all your need to boost your SEO rankings and gain visibility in the eyes of Google and the audience.
The very first step in reaching your link building objective is to avoid common link building mistakes. This will help your website in terms of increasing:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Authority of a website
  • Website’s visibility
  • Engagements

Now, let’s discuss some of the secrets of link building strategies that can help your online business to grow to a great extent.

1. Start Quality Guest Posting

Start Quality Guest Posting
One of the most popular link building strategies for 2021 is to start or focus on quality guest posting. Posting articles on other sites just for a way to generate backlinks is not a good strategy at all.
You need to focus on quality, not quantity. Guest posting helps your website to get maximum traffic and boost your rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs). This is very valuable and effective if you follow it regularly.

2. Focus on Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites must be a part of your link building strategy. It is because the benefits of social bookmarking sites are huge, and some of them are listed below:

  • Boost your page rankings,
  • Builds strong social signals,
  • Helps to increase website authority,
  • More subscriptions,
  • Faster indexing by search engines,
  • Creates more brand awareness,
  • Helps in content promotion.

Social bookmarking sites are greatly beneficial for your website and can help to gain visibility and conversions.

3. Create More Internal Links

Internal links will ease your user’s navigation, and it improves usability through anchor texts. When you give internal links to your guest post article, request the website owner to give more internal links, or you can find yourself some relevant links. This way, you can increase the session period of your article.
Internal links help to spread site architecture and link juice, which is regarded as a global SEO strategy for every online marketer. The other benefits of internal links are:

  • Helps in crawl and indexing,
  • Improves page rank,
  • It boosts page views,
  • Helps in spreading the link juice,
  • Improves usability through anchor texts.

4. Check Competitor’s Backlinks

Another link building strategy that you must give attention to is checking your competitor’s backlinks. It might happen that the backlinks that your competitors are using are better than your website’s backlinks.
However, if you have some high-quality backlinks then you can target those backlinks for your website. This will save you time as well as effort. Competitor’s analysis must be a part of your SEO strategy because it plays a crucial role in ranking.

5. Focus on Social Media Marketing

Focusing on Social Media Marketing is also important to consider, and it is regarded as one of the best link building strategies in 2021. Once your article gets viral on social media, your website will get instant visibility, and this will boost your SEO rankings on the Search Engine Result Page.
Focus on Social Media Marketing
Moreover, social media marketing drives referring or direct traffic to your blog post, and this will increase the relationship with your audience.

6. Unlinked Mentions

Unlinked mentions are off-page ranking signals that add value to your website. Many individuals don’t realize the value of unlined mentions, but in the eyes of Google, it has huge significance, and it impacts your website’s rankings to some extent.
Unlinked mentions are already halfway towards earning a backlink, and you must include this as a part of your link building strategy. It is truly effective and valuable in the long run.

7. Community Site Link Building

Links from high visited community sites are also a great way to drive traffic to your blog post. These are links that the audience actually clicks, and you can get a good amount of traffic from those sites.
Community Site Link Building
There are many community sites such as Quora that have a high amount of traffic, and this will increase direct traffic to your website. You may not know, but lakhs of traffic can be generated by community sites.

8. Include Infographics in Your Strategy

Infographic is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks and boost your SEO. According to the reports, infographics can help to increase traffic by upto 12%. Hence, Infographics can make your content much valuable and engaging.
Include Infographics in Your Strategy
Infographics are considered to be the highest performing visual content types that will enhance your website’s rankings. Off-page experts consider infographics as one of the best ways to earn valuable backlinks.

9. Focus on Broken Link Building

Many times it happens that your website’s link has been removed from your guest post article. You need to keep track of your backlinks regularly to see all changes.
However, to focus on your broken link building, you can take the help of the Ahrefs. This is an excellent tool to view backlinks (even ‘404 Not Found’ links) as a whole. This way, you can keep track of each and every link you create with your own efforts.

10. Newsletter

There are many Newsletter plugins such as ‘follow. it’ gives a backlink (no-follow), and keep in mind, these plugins have high domain authority and domain ratings. This will be very beneficial for your website and gives value to your website’s authority.
On the other hand, using a newsletter plugin is beneficial for your website. You can inform your audience via email for every new post. This way, you can get some clicks for your website.

11. Establish Content Pillars

To get the most out of your link building, quality content is crucial, and you must maintain the same for link building. Keep in mind; you can convince or satisfy your audience only with quality content.
If you become successful in establishing content pillars, you will find that bloggers are mentioning your sites in their article naturally. This is the power of a good quality article.
The Bottom Line
Link building is a vital part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It improves relationships within your niche and gives you credibility. Moreover, you can improve the authority of websites with a high number of quality backlinks.  The above listed are the top 11 link-building strategies that you can follow to grow your online business.
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