While knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite is now a necessary soft skill in employment circles, mastery of the spreadsheet can help boost your career and give you an added advantage. And with so many online resources available, it has become easier to learn Microsoft Excel, for free, if you know where to look. You can easily learn how to add axis titles in excel.
This article’s list is about the top 10 sites where you can improve on your spreadsheet prowess to become the star or one of such in your organization. Read on, and thank me by sharing this resource with someone — if it serves you well.
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7 Sites to learn Microsoft Excel for free

Microsoft Excel Help Center

Here, you get to select guides that are relevant to your current or particular needs. Also, you can choose to explore them one at a time to fully grasp the scope of what you can do with Excel.
From adding and formatting data to creating Pivot Tables, to mail merges and macros; there are topics covering everything you’d like to learn.
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While some of its more advanced tutorials would have to be purchased, this site has a lot to offer, and you’ll advance further before the need to pay for anything.
Starting with the basics, you can then move on to the more advanced topics as you progress.

Excel Hero

Another right place to learn Microsoft Excel is this site, Excel Hero because it has workbooks available for download. Although its main target is people who are at an intermediate level of proficiency, it remains an excellent resource for beginners.
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Improve your excel

This site offers learners free resources such as videos and webinars, aside topics such as Excel Power Query as well as the VLOOKUP function.

Excel Exposure

With Excel Exposure, tutorial sections are broken down so no student would feel intimidated by large topic areas. It has an array of topics covering vital areas. For students who are more into hands on demonstrative tuition, this site is a truly proper option.

GCF LearnFree.org

Although free, this site offers one of the most comprehensive resources available for people who want to learn Microsoft Excel, providing access to 29 tutorials as well as five extras.
From learning basics, such as creating and saving workbooks, there are tutorials for conditional formatting and many more.
With this site, you even get to take a quiz at the end to gauge your progress in the course.


With Contextures, you get to learn Microsoft Excel via a variety of lessons. Many of the lessons have sample videos and files included. The site has everything you’ll need to become an Excel master, as Debra Dalgliesh, the site’s owner, claims.

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