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Credit: YouTube

Although most players are asking for game stability, Tencent seems to be focusing on adding more game modes. A recent beta update of the PUBG Mobile (Game For Peace) in China has shown that a new mode is being developed.

Note that this mode may not be made to the global version as previously leaked, like the Arctic Mode. A video shared on YouTube shows the new game mode on a new map that looks like a large library.

The TDM (Team Death Match) mode is similar, but it has a twist. To win the game your team needs 18 kills, but automatically changes your gun with every kill. Thus you begin with a UZI and a Bizon.

Ultimately, you get upgraded to the MP5 K, QBZ, Scar-L, M762 and so on when you get killed. You also receive the M24 and a number of shotguns including the new DBS. You finish with a pistol and a pan to test your skills as you get close to finish. The match takes 10 minutes to complete.

Enjoy the video now!

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