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The Carter platform was created solely to assist consumers to take the right step when it comes to one of the most vital decisions in a man’s life – Purchasing a new car.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Carter, Amit Bholla shared how his app can make sure you and I do not regret any process we decide to involve ourselves in before buying that vehicle.

He said, “The whole process of buying a new car is extremely complex and user-unfriendly. Our app aims to help consumers navigate this difficult purchase journey successfully using digital channels as far as possible,”

“In this model, the website and app are paramount, and that’s our expertise, but the reliability of our technology platform is also critical. The latter skill is not our core business, and that’s where LanDynamix comes in.”

Amit said he has always believed on-site infrastructure is a massive risk for a long time, and this is the reason why he depends on LanDynamix for the hosting and management of the servers in its personal data centre.

He continued, “This way we are not distracted from our customer focus — and it also facilitates our ability to work from various locations.”

LanDynamix has been in partnership with Carter for about 3 years now.

LanDynamix technology platform Carter app

In the past, LanDynamix financed the buying of the servers, which aided the start-up to make use of the quality of tech equipment it was in massive need of. This resulted in the collaboration they both engage in, due to the clarity of their individual roles.

Over the years, services rendered by LanDynamix has developed, and this development happened as the business grew. For instance, it was clear soon enough that telephony was going to offer the proper customer experience way beyond several expectations. And alongside its duty as a tech provider, LanDynamix also added the provision of the PBX solution that Carter craved for.

Tech advisor, LanDynamix, Ethan Searle also had his say on the collaboration with Carter, his words, “The Carter team was very clear from the start that they wanted to be free to concentrate on the ongoing refinement of their online user experience and interacting with customers,”

“That places a huge responsibility on us not only to ensure that their current technology platform is stable but also to keep abreast of what the changing business requirements are.”

The Carter Renault dealership, operating from Melrose, Johannesburg has persistently led the Renault dealership in South Africa since its launch and it is known for its remarkable customer service and online purchasing process through the Carter platform.

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