Movies are a source of entertainment if not for all but most Ghanaians. Kumawood lovers can relate to how thrilling, exciting and educative it is watching their favorite movies. Now, with the Kumawood App, movies would just be a click away, much easier, convenient and accessible.

Features Of The Kumawood App

kumawood app
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It features local movies, short clips, funny videos, and celebrity news. It is available in different local dialects like; Twi, Hausa, Dagbani, Ga, and Ewe.
The app is efficient is reducing piracy issues as it avoids illegal download and gives the movie producers an easy marking platform.
The era of cassettes, tapes, and compact disc are thing of the past with this new Kumawood App. The Kumawood App also has various download subscription plans. You can subscribe daily, weekly, monthly.
However, the Kumawood App is accessible to those who don’t want to subscribe but would pay using their airtime, Wi-Fi or mobile money account.
With the app, you can preview the movies for free to help decide which movie you should watch or not.

The App Gives Exposure To Ghanaian Movies

kumawood app
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The app is the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa and was launched by MTN, in collaboration with MTECH Communications Limited Ghana and the Kumawood Movie Industry.
The app gives a great deal of exposure to Ghanaian movies by taking it to other parts of Africa. With the app, you can have access to kumawood movies at any part of Sub-Saharan Africa.
The app is only available on Android. Kindly click on the link below to download the app.
[button content=”Download On Play Store” color=”red” text=”white” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mtech.kumawood” openin=”_blank”]


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