The youth of this country have always been encourage to use innovation to solve real societal problems. That is why whenever the youth come up with technological innovations to solve pertinent issues even in the abundance of limitations, they need to be commended.
Four KNUST students have come up with an App (KSBSA App) that will help their colleagues to stay abreast of new happenings on campus. The app was unveiled at the official launch of the 12th annual Week celebration, 2017 of the School of Business at KNUST.


This app allows students share and receive learning materials and other resources for their use.
Also, the app allows students to know their academic schedule and other pieces of information from the lecturers and management. This ensures that there is effective flow of information between the students and the management will start paying.
The KSBSA App  also has a schedule timer which prompts students about twenty minutes to any event they schedule as a reminder.

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