Mouthwatering food, National treasure that is Polish vodka, and even more attractiveness that comes with Slavic women. What else would you need for an unforgettable stag do a party? Well, of course, you will need an energetic club scene and thousands of famous bars and pubs to decide how to lose your mind in Krakow party euphoria. Grab that polish girl by the hip and dance the game known as Krakow stag do weekend.
Brief overview
In the southern part of Poland lies the city that wins more hearts of party goers than any other place in this part of Europe. Krakow stag do weekend has earned the famous name among all foreign bachelor crews that returned to their homes from their journey.
This city combines affordable prices with colourful attractions in a unique way that cant be found in any other Europian party hub. It is a lesser known fact that Krakow has more pubs and bars per square meter than any colourful cities in Europe! Other than that the Krakow streets tramble with sheer Slavic spirit of its residents that magnetize any foreigner.
Visitors leave this place with tales of unprecedented hospitality they had a chance to feel during their stay. That can be an amazing addition to festival-like elation that wins over this city at any time of year. So without further ado let us take a look at what really made all those satisfied bachelors leave this city with slight sorrow and a  giant need to return there once more.

Fun stuff of daytime with Pierogi and vodka

So many old Polish citizens who have never even been to Krakow knows for sure the fact that Krakow is above all the city of students. The largest university centre in Poland is filled with numerous museums, galleries, opera houses and many other cultural landmarks that just might just be what your bachelor crew would like to visit.
Well like it or not, the Krakow is blooming with such historical attractions and everywhere you go you will be followed with sights of enormous Polish cultural heritage. It is not uncommon to find some famous bar just next to or even on top of some historical landmark. Having a drink or two in some of them will be one of the most comfortable experiences during your stay.
This will also prove to be a great opportunity to consolidate further plans with your pals since both day and nighttime options are vast and you don’t want to lose any minute of your visit confused. Well surely, drunk driving is forbidden anywhere in the world but this might just be the perfect opportunity to try some of that offroad driving after a couple of drinks with your buddies. Krakow natural surroundings are alluring and drifting after a couple of drinks in a 4×4 beast might just be the funniest daytime activity to do.
Arranging a race with your bachelor crew with Quad-bikes and Go-karts can also be just as fun. Paintball and Airsoft matches can also be both challenging and amusing after a couple of drinks. Not to mention the hilarious game of Bubble football that will make you all cry of laughter as you try to score tipsy and covered in those rubber spheres.
But, if you prefer more manly stuff then shooting ranges with live ammunition might just be the thing for you. Whatever may be the way you chose to spend your daytime in Krakow be sure to bring a couple of memory cards for your camera and find someone sober to record all of that.

Forbidden pleasures of nighttime with alluring ladies

Krakow is arguably the fastest growing private shows party hub in all of Europe. Yes, you heard that right. Not only does it have hundreds of pubs and bars that work from dusk till dawn but it also has one of the most vibrant party scenes. The biggest number of most notable clubs are concentrated right in the middle of the city. This will make a neat opportunity for every crew that likes to combine different styles of fun during just one night.
Krakow offers it all. From bustling electro-dance clubs that tremble with the house and techno vibe to places where live acts are performed by amazing bands, everything is represented in Krakow’s party scene.
Thousands of Polish citizens and foreigners are flocking into the city from Thursday up until early hours of Monday when party settles down and rests until next Thursday. You can imagine all those people trying to find their place in some of the most popular clubs in Eastern Europe.
Since so many people might take your place in some of them, the smart thing would be reserving VIP pass for your best men on time. It will include a large number of drinks and a beautiful booth to overlook the fiery atmosphere of the club from a nice point of view. Hiring your personal hot servants for the night is just some of the naughty things you can pay for, but arriving in luxurious hummer limo there in their company will surely be the most extravagant one.
Those moments will be the time of your life and a perfect addition to it in the “Last days of freedom”. So many beautiful Polish girls will want to make you and your best man feel welcomed with their witty nature and energetic spirit. They are known for shoving special interest in everyone coming from a distant culture, and as you might have already guessed the “small talk” is not the only thing they might be interested in… So show that dancing moves like never before and represent your country there because they certainly will!
In conclusion
The second largest city in Poland is the perfect opportunity for all bachelor crews that plan to spend less on their adventure with just as much fun. If anything, countless pubs and bars will surely be enough for party euphoria during the day and that vibrant nightlife will make you remember your bachelor party for approximately the next 100 years.
It is said that if you try to kiss Krakow, it will return with a hug that will make you melt with the love received. That is how Slavic love and hospitality will award you for coming to this magnificent place.

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