In recent times, there has been the emergence of tech startups organising incubator programmes for willing and talented people. What most of these tech startups do is to make a call for young innovators and entrepreneurs so they can share their ideas with them, groom them for a dedicated period of time and assist in making their dreams a reality.
The goal of the Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC) is to invest in young entrepreneurs and businesses who have big ideas and want to see their country grow. For the past four years, KIC has been driving innovation in agriculture, nurturing some of the most promising youth-driven agri-tech startups in the country.
It was established by Kosmos Energy to empower entrepreneurs as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.
Kosmos Innovation Centre is a result-oriented company found at the core of entrepreneurship.  Offering programmes such as agri-tech challenge, business booster and startup incubator, any business signed up with their startup incubator receives technical assistance in three forms:

  1. KIC Business Coaches
  2. Expert Resources and Training
  3. Mentors

Each of them plays a unique role. For instance, the Kosmos Innovation Centre assigns one general business coach to all newly invested companies. Their task is to help startups to create and revise the business plan tied to their specific key performance indicators. As they progress, they suggest for them the expert resources and training required to bring their idea into fruition which is followed by mentoring sessions.

Why Kosmos Innovation Centre is impacting lives

KIC is driven by local staff and private sector experts who as a way of giving back to society, help budding entrepreneurs use innovation to apply commercial solutions to Ghana’s social and economic challenges.
Their goodwill gesture of impacting lives makes them run the Centre on a non-profit basis. However, this recently has not been easy to do, as the limited spaces does not allow the absorption of a large number of entrepreneurs who would have wished to join their incubator programme. They, therefore, make a call to investors and the public at large, to help them expand their facility and get the necessary tools and equipment in place to holistically impact the lives of entrepreneurs.
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