Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC) has been behind the growth of many startups in Ghana for years. Under its KIC Incubator program, the company supported businesses with business training and growth funding from KIC itself or its contracted investors. Such businesses are referred to as KIC incubated businesses.
With a focus on agricultural innovations, the KIC Incubator business growth program was specially made for the growth of startups. The program can now boast of steering the growth of a significant number of such businesses in Ghana.
The KIC incubated businesses cut across various sectors of agriculture including agri-research & development, input, production, processing, post-harvest and storage, marketing and distribution, tractor and mechanization services, financial services and human resources. Below is a list of Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businesses.

Soil Solutions

Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinSoil Solutions provide soil tool kits to farmers. Aside from being a soil tool kit provider, Soil Solutions also uses its research findings, external knowledge and field practical experience to help improve the productivity of farmers.

Address and Contact details:

Soil Solutions is located at the Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC-Ghana) Djorwulu, Accra on 12 1st Osu Badu Street. Call free: +233 (0) 24 852 5985 or Email: hello@soilsolutions.co.


Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinQualiTrace is an agri-tech company that provides traceability and anti-counterfeiting services to both farmers and consumers. QualiTrace’s technology empowers farmers and consumers to trace and verify their farm inputs and outputs. Thus it allows farmers to verify the quality of their farm inputs while allowing consumers to also do the same with the food products that come on the market before purchase. As a farmer-centric company, QualiTrace provides value to both farmers and consumers by building impact changing technologies or partner existing companies to push its agric development agenda.

Address and Contact details:

QualiTrace is located at 19 Banana Street Avenue, Accra, East Legon and at the PMB CT 13, Cantonment, Accra. Call: 233 241572361 or email: knelson@qualitracegh.com.

Farm Cure Ghana Limited

Farm cure is an integrated pest management system that helps farmers in dealing with insect, pest, attacks by optimising pesticide applications using artificial intelligence(AI).

Address and Contact details:

Farm cure is located at 12 1st Osu Badu St, Accra. Contact them on +233 268129091 or email: admin@farmcuregh.com or visit their website: www.farmcuregh.com for more information.

AiScarecrow Technologies

Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinAiScarecrow helps farmers cut down losses due to birds by 90-95% and also saves the farmers the time they would have used to scare off these birds. This is done by artificially scaring off these pest birds using aural and visual aids. The aural aid consists of human sounds and sounds biologically understood by birds that act on their fear instincts. Whilst the visual aids are drones dressed up like humans and make noise that depicts the presence of humans. There is also a predator-bird like a drone that flies and flaps its wings to scare the birds away.

Address and Contact details:

AiScarecrow is located on the #12 First Osu Badu Street, at the West Airport Residential Area Dzorwulu-ACCRA. Email: acontact@aiscarecrowtech.com. Phone: 05537242742 / 0200845250.

ProSect Feed

ProSect Feed produces chicken feed made entirely from dried insects.

Address and Contact details:

Phone: 024 305 6283 Email: prosect.feed@gmail.com Website: https://www.prosectfeed.com.


Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinGhalani is a web and mobile farm management system provider that provides farmers with real-time reports on their farms while it gives value chain actors report on the farmers. This help farmers and agricultural value chain actors manage the farming process better to increase levels of efficiency.

Address and Contact details:

Ghalani is located at 19 Banana Street, East Legon-Accra, Ghana. Contact: info@ghalani.com Phone: +233205041590.


Agro Sourcing Limited

Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinAgro Sourcing limited is a company that works to reduce agricultural wastage in Africa. It creates an efficient logistics management system that integrates farms, storage, facilities and local transport in rural farming communities. Moreover, Agro Soucing further does so by adding value to major agricultural produce and post-harvest residue that have industrial applications.

Address and Contact details:

Agro Sourcing is located at 12 1st Osu Badu Street, Accra – Ghana. Contact: +233 243831726

Agro Innova

Agro Innova is a software company that focuses mainly on the poultry industry. The company provides a software management system that links poultry farmers to both suppliers and clients. This allows them to easily find suppliers of their raw materials as well as buyers for their finished poultry products.

Address and Contact details:

Agro Innova is located at the MEST Incubator, No.19 Banana Avenue, Ambassadorial Enclave, East Legon, Accra. It can be located at the Kosmos Energy Ghana, 12 1st Osu Badu St, Dzorwulu, Accra or at Akokomarket Egg Distribution Depot, Off Madina Road, Obojo, Accra.
Contact: +233 240 956 276. All enquiries can be sent to info@agroinnovagh.com.

ProFish Ghana Limited

ProFish Ghana Ltd is a fisheries sector-oriented company that seeks to transform the sector through the innovation of technology. The company’s latest innovation is Lojaanor. Lojaarnor is a fish market place for fish farmers, where buyers can get healthy and wholesome fish at their convenience.

Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinAddress and Contact details:

ProFish can be located at the Kosmos Innovation Center – Incubation Hub, 77 Nii Nortei Nyanchi Street, West Airport Residential Area, Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana. Contact: +233 (0)54 670 1055 or email them via: contact@profishgh.com.

TROTRO Tractor Limited

TROTRO Tractor provides a convenient platform where farmers and tractor operators can connect. The platform like its name suggests, get farmers a tractor quickly to work on their farms just like getting a trotro. TROTO Tractor allows farmers to request, schedule and prepay for tractor services on their farms. Owners of these tractors can also track the movement and work progress of the tractors via the same platform.

Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinAddress and Contact details:

Trotro Tractor is located at 19 Banana Avenue, East Legon Accra Ghana. Contact: +233501583979 / +233501583978 / +233501583982. Email: team@trotrotractor.com.


Kwidix is an agri-funding platform that helps farmers to source funds from the public through crowdfunding in exchange for a share in their profit after the farming season.

Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinAddress and Contact details:

Kwidix is located at 12 1st Osu Badu Street, Accra. Contact: +233 57 226 0481. Email Address: info@kwidex.com


Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPin
Nvoicia is a company that gives SMEs access to working capital loans without any collateral nor credit checks. This is done via an invoice factoring marketplace powered by the company’s Cloud Verification platform and smart contacts.

Address and Contact details:

Nvoicia is located at 19 Banana St, Accra. Contact: 050 055 0559

AgTemp Groups Ghana Limited

Kosmos Innovation Center incubated businessesPinAgTemp is an agribusiness development partner that help investors in search of alternative investment mean to invest in Agriculture.

Address and Contact details:

AgTemp’s digital address is GW-0226-2822, 00233 Accra, Ghana. Contact: 0207940180.
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