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Do you only get frustrated and complain or you try to do something about it. If you are in Ghana, you are very well guaranteed of getting frustrated with the system on daily basis.

It is even worse when dealing with civil servants, individuals who have been paid with the taxpayer’s money treat patrons of their service like they are rendering a favour instead of doing what they are being paid to do.

The truth is most of us only get vexed and complain and walk away without doing anything about it. When last did you fix that thing you have been complaining about.

Do you simply like to talk or you are waiting for God or the government to fix it for you because that is a common phenomenon in this part of the world.

The story this time is different for a young Ghanaian man who went from complaining into creating a solution.

Korshi Da Seglah is an accomplished Information Technology professional who has demonstrated a remarkable ability to provide real business solutions by developing and delivering technology-based strategies and products. With fifteen years’ experience coupled with his achievements, the IT savvy has sufficiently proven to be an authority in the aforementioned industry.

Korshi was for ten years, Head of Technology for UT, leading the technology strategy from Unique Trust Financial Services through to its banking, insurance, real estates, logistics and haulage arms. He was heavily involved in the acquisition and merger of BPI Bank and UT Financial Services. As General Manager for Banking Technology (IT and e-Business) at UT Bank, he led the bank to be recognized as the best bank in IT/e-business in 2011. Prior to joining UT, Korshi was the IT Applications Development Manager at Unilever Ghana. He also worked briefly in the Telecommunications industry. Korshi’s unrivaled ability to develop creative solutions to basic problems makes him a key asset to Halges.

Mr. Korshi N. Da Seglah, Founder and Chief Enabling Officer of Halges, says Korba, the payment enabler, was born out of the frustration he had to suffer when he needed a convenient way to transfer funds across mobile money wallets for his late father’s funeral. Korba among other things provides a fast, reliable and secure means of transferring funds across payment channels and institutions.


Using Korba, one is able to send money from their mobile wallet to another wallet outside their network. The stress of having to work to an agent or change your sim is eliminated. Try Korba today using *447*447# or download the Korba App the from Google Play store and App store.

Halges is a Ghanaian-owned financial technology company which started operations in 2014. The company, which currently provides solutions for electronic payments, can be located on the first floor of Fodai Plaza, Opposite KFC, Community 18 Junction, Baatsona – Spintex.

The next time you are unhappy with something around you don’t simply complain but try to provide a solution just like Korshi did. You may not only be helping change society but also make some revenue for yourself.

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