Kofi Annan ICT Centre making free ICT software

The Kofi Annan ICT Centre has partnered with India to develop free software products that will replace the current and expensive ones that make the teaching ICT as a course difficult in schools.

Expensive software for teaching ICT in Ghanaian schools has been a challenge over the years. Thus, some schools resort to pirated versions which in turn pose risks and are no good. This problem has lowered the effectiveness of the teaching and learning of ICT, especially in rural areas.

Thus, the introduction of the free software Eduboard, which is in works, will promote an effective ICT education in the country.

When completed, the Eduboard project will be tried in a few schools before rolling out generally. These schools include Bolgatanga Senior High School (SHS), T.I. Ahmadiyya Primary and Junior High School (SHS), Zuarungu SHS in the Upper East Region.


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