KNUST students invent gas leak detector

Gas leaks can be very disastrous when not checked in time. For this reason, people would need detectors to keep them alert if there is a gas leak. That is why three female students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have built a gas leak detector that alerts users if there is a leak via SMS.

Obviously, the aim of this invention is to detect gas leakages very early and help prevent any disastrous consequences.

The invention was led by Comfort Benewaa Osei Owusu, a level 100 student reading Chemical Engineering. She was supported by two of her friends, who are Geological Engineering students, Safianu Inunnarm and Barikisu Nasiru.

Necessity breeds invention

As the maxim goes, “necessity breeds invention”, the group started to develop this detector after Osei Owusu lost a friend in a gas explosion. She revealed the motive of their invention to
There are a lot of fire outbreaks in Ghana resulting from a gas explosion. Recently one of our friends died as a result of that and we thought there should be a formidable solution.”

The leakage detector comes with a sensor that is made to quickly identify gas concentration in the immediate environment. It then sounds the alarm to notify the household and neighbours of the leak.

It is also equipped with GPS and GSM systems. The GSM can store at least three phone numbers. And these numbers will get the alert via SMS in case there is a gas leak. The GPS is for the Fire Service to locate the house where the leak is in order to quickly save the situation before anything bad happens.

Osei Owusu explained, “The GPS and GSM model will send a message that there’s gas leakage. And you can add fire service numbers to it which is important.”

As CitiFMOnline reports, gas explosions took 35% of the over 300 burns cases reported at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in 2017. So this gas leak detector from the KNUST girls is really a step forward.


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