After successfully gaining admission to the institution, the next big step is to secure a place for yourself to stay. Securing a good and right Accommodation for yourself is usually the best as it could have an influence on your learning and day-to-day activities on campus.

KNUST accommodation: how to book a room online

Likewise in KNUST, it’s “Rush Hour” when it comes to Accommodation. There is always the need to be swift on getting your accommodation before others to get the best in terms of location and hostel prices.

In this article, we will talk about KNUST Accommodation and How to Book a Room Online as Fresh Student or even a continuing student 2021/2022.

The management of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) announced that Applications for Accommodation will be open on December 24, 2021, for freshman accommodation bookings and reservations.

Follow the steps below to make a reservation and select a room 

Visit the KNUST accommodation portal Here  or https://accommodation.knust.edu.gh/

  1. Login with your Application Number and PIN.
  2. Select the Make a reservation button to view available accommodation.
  3. Read and accept the accommodation instructions.
  4. Select accommodation from the list available. A reservation code will be generated.
  5. Log out of the system and proceed to a pay point to pay residential fees.
  6. After payment of residential fees, login to the system to select a room.

Please note:

Do not pay academic and residential fees together. Make a reservation for accommodation before payment of residential fees.

With this, we believe you are now good to go with KNUST Accommodation and How to book Room Online as Fresh Student in 2021/2022

As well, there are other ways to get accommodation on the KNUST campus. Some of which are either by walking to desired hostels yourself to enquire, etc.

Kindly check back more information on these hostel accommodation tips and don’t forget to share this post to help others. 


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