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Online dating is mostly safe, and most people you come in contact with will be good-natured men and women who are looking for love. However, the reality is that there are lots of strange people to meet, including criminals who appear like complete saints. Here are ways to know if you’re dating a criminal.

1. He has more than 2 phones: According to Yourtango, using 2 smartphones is nothing strange since you might be using one for business and the other for private reasons. However, a lover with at least 3 phones is super strange. If the man you are dating acts like a switchboard operator, loves answering phone calls, he could be up to no good.

2. He uses coded language: Answering the phone excessively is already bad, but using coded language and having weird conversations will only make things worse. He is most likely keeping a secret that might involve criminal activities.

3. Not knowing his job title: Amid the pandemic, some people have been accepting jobs that they are not proud of, so it is possible that he is embarrassed about his work and does not want you to find out. However, be careful of confusing job titles too. For instance, any man that tells you he is a street pharmacist is most likely a criminal.

dating criminal
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4. His income is suspicious: If he tells you that he is unemployed, but the same person is still able to afford an expensive Rolex, designer clothes, and costly meals and drinks, then there is something fishy. Except you know his parents are incredibly wealthy, you could be dating a thief.

5. Scammer: Are you conversing with him online, and he keeps avoiding the opportunity to meet you but never stops asking you for financial assistance? Block him immediately because he is only deceiving you.

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