You don’t have to spend a fortune to get that soft and pink lips you badly crave for there are simple home remedies to make it happen. Let’s help you with these home remedies.
1. Mix Rose petals in milk: Soak rose petals in clean water for thirty minutes and mash it to form a paste. Add some drops of glycerin, a teaspoon of honey, and mix very well. After that, use on your lips and then hold on for 15 minutes before massaging it off.
2. Massage with lemon juice: According to PulseNG, lemon helps to get rid of stains while keeping our utensils super clean. And because of its bleaching properties, it can help with pink lips as well. Simply cut a thin slice from the lemon, sprinkle sugar on top, and rub your lips consistently daily. You will see the difference after some time.

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3. Mix honey, almond oil, and sugar: Sugar aids the exfoliation of lifeless skin cells. Simply mix an equal amount of sugar, honey, and almond oil, and you are good to go. Massage on your lips for 10 minutes regularly, and your lips will thank you for it.
4. Scrub with toothbrush: After your regular morning brushing routine, use your toothbrush to scrub your lips to get rid of the chapped, dry skin that forms around it. This will give them that pink look and also make them appear fresher.
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