Kids as young as eight can learn how to code with the games from Endless

Endless games teach kids how to code
Endless Studios Games Collection

The founder of Endless, Matt Dalio, together with his team at the Endless Studios, has created some games with which kids can learn how to code.  These games can be played by kids as young as eight years old.

Endless is the maker of the Endless OS and these games for kids are based on Linux, Endless OS, and Hack. These games are designed to teach kids how to code in a fun and easy way.

The aim of Endless making these games is to help kids to know the basics of programming at a very young age. The games were created in a way that push the kids to code through a hacking-like situation.

Some of the games in the collection include Aqueducts, Dragon’s Apprentice, Frog Squash, The Passage, Midnightmare Teddy, and Tank Warriors.

Games from Endless Studios collection are built on a Linux-based OS and run on Unity game engine. The curiosity plotted in these games is what would challenge the kids to go on, thereby gradually getting the foundation in coding.

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For example, in the Frog Squash game, the player is supposed to swerve from arrows, fireball, etc., while crossing a road, so they don’t get killed. In order to do that, the player has to manipulate codes to get through.

Another game from the collection is Midnightmare Teddy. This one involves zombie toys that come alive to chase the gamer. The player then has to switch to “Math Mode” and use their math skills to fight the zombies.

This is a sure fun way to play a game and learn in the process as well. The other games in Endless Studios game collection all have similar plots and processes to get through.

Just hop on to their new gaming site to check out the games: You can even play demos of the games there.


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