Facebook is about to hold its first-ever Facebook iD8 conference in Africa and Kenya is the country that is going to host the event. The Facebook iD8 developer programme has the simple mandate of connecting Facebook with developers in Africa.
Until now, this developer conference was only held in the US and Europe. Just last month, the camps were held in Berlin, Germany and New York, US.
The conference will see developers and startups coming from tech-inclined African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc. converging in Kenya’s capital to share ideas. They will also be taught about Facebook’s newest technology and products.
Hands-on demonstration is a core of this conference. Plus, product experts from Facebook will be giving talks to developers on how they can overcome hurdles in their development process.
Janet Kemboi, Facebook’s Communication Manager for East Africa said: “Facebook iD8 is an opportunity for us to connect face-to-face with developers and share the latest technology and product updates as well as offer attendees an opportunity to share where they are in their journey.”
She continued with what the event will entail: “Topics for the programme range from AR/VR, Messenger, Social Commerce and more. Facebook iD8 is a two-way dialogue where we have a chance to hear about your experiences, learn about your challenges and roadblocks and, provide an opportunity for you to connect with other members of our shared community that may face similar challenges.”

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