Kenya: Tekken 254 Circuit season 3 qualifiers 6 returns this weekend

Tekken 254
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This weekend in Kenya, eSports and Tekken enthusiasts will enjoy the best of eSports as the Tekken 254 Circuit season3 qualifiers six returns with another stem-winding gaming experience.

TheĀ  popular fighting league is scheduled for this weekend, 6th July, 2019 at the K1 Klub-Roundhouse, Roundhouse (eSports Arena). The event is expected to kick off at precisely 11 am.

The action-packed gaming tournament is organized by Tekken 254 and Ace Gaming. With support from Liquide Works, What’s Good Studios, What’s Good Network, eSports Arena, Shots by Schema, and JD photography.

Preview of Season 3 Qualifiers 6

AP | Mickey won with MoM | Frost occupying the second place for the third consecutive tournament this season. Whiles Furious Monkey earns his first ever Top 3 finish on the Circuit at Qualifier Five on 8 June.

Top 13 players on the rankings mathematically qualify for the Circuit Finals. With the remaining three slots set to be fiercely contested going into Qualifier Six.

In the Challenger Division, a third tournament win of the season for Kafikan saw himĀ  mathematically qualify for the Premier Division Playoffs, along with RMP | Komrad_Vadim and T-Vets | Defiant.

However, all the three players are still within reach of automatic promotion and will surely be looking to put their best foot forward to that end.

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Read more on the details on the tournament and pool set here

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