Keeping your MoMo PIN protected has always been recommended in the fight against Mobile Money fraud. While it may not be the only way to prevent yourself from falling victim to the activities of the fraudsters, it is the first line of action in preventing unauthorized fund transfers from your Mobile Money account.
The commonest piece of advice we receive when it comes to this issue is that we ought to keep our MoMo PIN to ourselves. Of course, while we all do well to adhere to that, there are other ways by which people can gain access to your Mobile Money account PIN. Keeping your MoMo PIN-protected is the focus of this episode of our Mobile Money fraud series of articles.

Keeping your MoMo PIN protected

In the business of keeping things safe, there are often loopholes that when left unplugged, can cause much damage than anticipated. When it comes to keeping codes and passwords safe, it is important that you identify any possible lapses; and put measures in place in order to make up for any eventualities. Here are three things you can do to ensure that your Mobile Money PIN is protected from use by the wrong people.

Don’t use the same code as your phone unlock

For some people, guessing their MoMo PIN is as easy as remembering what their phone unlock code is. Once you have that code, you can have access to their Mobile Money account as well.
People in general love the idea of uniformity, so for such persons, the code that unlocks the individual’s phone is the same that is used to authorise mobile money transactions. While memorising different codes may seem like a chore, it is better; compared to the alternative of having an easy-to-guess Mobile Money PIN that all your friends and family know.

Regularly update your MoMo PIN

Imagine your phone not getting software updates, or even your favorite smartphone apps not receiving security and related updates over a long period of time. Not good, right?
Well, the same goes for your MoMo PIN. We usually say that things that aren’t broken do not need fixing. However, that mantra should not apply to your Mobile Money PIN. You don’t have to wait until your account is compromised before you decide to do the right thing.
Regularly update your MoMo PIN just as you would your social media account passwords; in order to improve on their security and keep them from getting hacked.

Use a dumb phone for your MoMo

This recommendation is coming from my personal experience. A couple of years ago I had my MoMo SIM in a smartphone. And as you may be aware, smartphone keyboards use Artificial Intelligence to learn the user’s typing habits to remember words to aid auto-predict. Okay, so since I use my Mobile Money account a lot in a day, it memorised my MoMo PIN.
I didn’t pay too much attention to it until I noticed my PIN being suggested anytime a password box came up. There are lots of people who would never reveal their Mobile Money PIN to anyone, but won’t mind letting their friends fidget with their smartphones. For such persons, it’s only a matter of time before their PIN inadvertently gets revealed to the wrong people.
My personal solution to that problem was to get a separate smartphone with the AI learning feature disabled from the keyboard for my MoMo SIM. Also, I’ve noticed that more people are using ‘dumb’ phones for their mobile wallet accounts. Using phones that do not keep record of your typing history is definitely a measure in keeping your MoMo PIN protected.

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This article on keeping your MoMo PIN protected is part of a series is developing to educate the public about Mobile Money fraudsters, their activities, and how to stay vigilant and not be a victim.
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