Kadi, a Ghanaian owned US-based company has built specialised mobile software to help African businesses produce, buy, and sell industrial products (e.g. raw materials, cement, steel, and many more).
The platform is entirely on mobile and is integrated into value-added services such as payment gateways, loans, logistics & distribution, and many more.
Kadi digital platform SMEs
More than ever, a transition to digital tools becomes essential for the survival of businesses. Mobile technology is driving growth in a number of services, such as communication, payment, education, energy, and many more. Mobile payments have increased dramatically and will continue to do the same, given the current situation with COVID-19.
It is clear that small and medium-sized enterprises lack effective tools to manage and grow their businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector. This results in recurring revenue loss and high operating costs. This problem is even worse given the current global pandemic (COVID-19), which we face.
The tool by Kadi provides an easy-to-use interface and access to real-time data, automated workflows, and value-added services at all times. The company also provides free on-boarding and timely customer support to enable users to have a great user experience.
The core value-added services that SMEs can access on the Kadi platform include;

  • Low-interest rate loans
  • Delivery & Logistics services
  • On-site Nurse/Doctor
  • Catering services
  • Insurance

Paul-Miki Akpablie, Co-Founder & CEO said “The long game here is that we want to be a one-stop solution for small and medium-sized enterprises where they can manage their operations and supply chain more effectively. What our team has today is just the right thing to do and we’re excited to help these businesses serve their customers and grow to create an impact in our country.”
Interested SMEs can download and register for the app here: .
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