Several amazing relationships are built on laughter, jokes and happy moments. However, when it comes to jokes, you must know where to draw the line. Also, if you want the humour in your relationship to be considered appropriate, it needs to be shared. Both parties must appreciate it; else, it could lead to unexpected conflicts. See the specific types of jokes your partner will never find funny.
1. Rude humour: Have you ever joked about something that your partner did not find funny at all? That is the hint that he or she does not like that kind of humour. It could be your partner’s weight, occupation or any other thing you know he or she is sensitive about. Avoid cracking them.
2. Cocky humour: According to PulseNG, if you are making jokes that exalt you and belittles your man or woman, that is not right. For instance, imagine preparing for a date, and you ask your partner, “How do I look?” and he or he responds, “You’re with me, you look good!” That is not funny at all, and no one will laugh after hearing the annoying arrogance.

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3. Humour that picks on your partner: When you join others to tease your partner continually, it could be hilarious for you, but it might make your partner feel weak, sad and miserable. Is that what you want for the woman or man you are dating?
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