With several people seeking employment during the pandemic, job scams have increased as well. And while going through the stress of finding a job, the last thing you want is falling prey to a heartless and devastating scam. Let’s help you avoid this by showing you job hunting scams to be aware of amid COVID-19 pandemic:
1. The job description: According to Forbes.com, whenever you see phrases like “quick money” or “unlimited earning potential,” as the job description, it is most likely not real. Most of the scam job descriptions also have lots of grammatical or spelling errors. If you notice these things, stay away completely.
2. The timing to hire: The brains behind these scam jobs will tell you that they want to hire quickly. You will see things like “immediate hire” and the process will appear very rushed to you. They are only in a hurry to steal your hard-earned money.
3. Too good to be true: If you feel that way, it could be a lie. Some people derive pleasure in flaunting fake success stories of suddenly rich people living large, huge endorsements, or massive compensation offerings for average jobs. Avoid such job offerings.

Job hunting scams COVID-19 pandemic
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4. Upfront fees or information required: Anytime you are asked to send a payment for an application, it is most likely be a scam. You do not pay for a job, you get hired and get paid at the end of the month. Try as much as possible to know the rights and wrongs while you find a job online so you do not fall prey.
5. Method of communication: Scam jobs will ask you to communicate and even hold online interviews through an online chat like Google Hangout too. So if you are contacted via email, take note of their email address. If it appears personal and fake, you will know it is not legit because a real company email address can easily be noticed.
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