Your appearance on your big day depends on several things, including your jewellery.

It is true that your wedding dress is so important since it transforms you into a stunning bride, but your jewelry is also key for adding finishing touches to your bridal look. See Tips to consider when choosing jewellery / Australian jewellery for your wedding day:

  1. Get your wedding dress first: Your dress has to be bought before anything else. The reason is that you can easily find accessories that will match that dress when you decide to storm that jewellery shop.
  2. Put the neckline of your dress into consideration: The neckline of your wedding dress is a key factor for the type of necklace you might wish to buy. For instance, a choker or a shorter necklace will suit dresses with a strapless neckline or sweetheart neckline. V-neck dresses, though, can be rocked with pendants or layers.
  3. Be moderate: You don’t want to overdo things. Your accessories should never outshine you. Less is more.
  4. Your jewellery should be highlighted: Your jewellery choice should be highlighted by your wedding dress. The beauty of the dress should not overpower it, else, it would be a waste of money and time. Make sure the metal you go for matches the colour of the bridal dress.
  5. Do you: Let your accessories selection be a reflection of you. Do not copy someone else or try to appear like another person. You will be more comfortable wearing something that reflects who you are and what you really want.

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