In 2015, Jesse Ghansah co-founded OMG Digital, the mother company of one of Ghana’s digital content-producing powerhouse, OMGVoice lauded as the “BuzzFeed for Africa,” with Dominic Mensah and Prince Boakye.
With 800,000 monthly unique views on their site, OMG Digital made impressive strides winning them a million-dollar seed funding from Y Combinator, a feat Ghansah describes as “life-changing.”
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Barely after making it out of a recession that hit the company in 2018, Jesse has turned his attention to his new startup, Swipe Technologies – a B2B instant invoicing platform.
With lessons learnt from his days at OMG, Ghansah is prepared to front his new company in high spirits. In a recent interview with TechPoint Africa, he said;
“I think one of my biggest learning opportunities was at OMG. I learnt a lot about building companies, raising money, growing a team, dealing with the ups and downs of running a startup, hiring and firing, dealing with co-founder exits, trying to keep a company alive, and trying to go through an acquisition process.”
“I learnt so much from those experiences, and they’re helping me run Swipe Technologies, my new company. We’ve launched with a few pilot customers, and we had some proof points to show YC that Swipe had potential.”

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Jesse Ghansah, co-founder of OMG Digital, Swipe Technologies

After managing to prove his readiness to Y Combinator having just left OMG Digital, Jesse Ghansah’s Swipe Technologies was accepted in the San Francisco-based accelerator for the second time.
Jesse Ghansah as far in the future as he can predict, sees himself working with Swipe for a long time unless “we exit.” He also hints on delving into biotechnology in the near future.
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