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[Android vs iOS]

Which smartphone platform do you think is the best: Android or iOS? Your smartphone might probably run on any of these operating systems; Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS. These two platforms are excellent, and though they share some similarities, they do have major differences that can guide you to consider between the two. Read more in this article.

JBKlutse Weekly Episode 38
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Google to introduce a new feature to stop you from texting while walking – According to Fossbyte, Google’s idea behind Digital Wellbeing built into Android has always been to make people decrease their phone usage through subtle hints and reminders, including phone usage statistics, app timers, turning screen black and white at a defined time, among others.
Google is, however planning to add another feature called “Heads Up.” As the name suggests, the feature, once enabled, will give a “heads up” to users if they are walking while looking at the screen. Read more.

JBKlutse Weekly Episode 38
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[Smart devices]

Track your health and fitness with the new HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e – Staying fit while at home is equally important as keeping up with your corporate work productivity levels, and the best part is it doesn’t depend on going to the gym. HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e has what it takes to be your virtual PT (Personal Trainer) while monitoring your health and keeping you entertained. Read more.

JBKlutse Weekly Episode 38


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