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JBKlutse Weekly Episode 38

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[The future of the tech industry]

This week, one question most people in the tech industry kept asking was what the U.S. elections meant for the future of tech globally. We followed the views of people on social media on how google faced an antitrust lawsuit in Trump’s administration and how there were sanctions on Chinese products and services also. Joe Biden, on the other hand, shared a cordial relationship with tech companies when he was Obama’s vice president.
We ask, will all “unfavourable” decisions concerning the tech industry made by Trump be reverse by Biden? Why does it matter, by the way? Read more on this.


Have you heard that WhatsApp is introducing the disappearing messages feature? WhatsApp made this announcement of Twitter,  saying individuals can now set chats to disappear after seven days. Group admins, on the other hand, can toggle it on or off. We will bring you more news on how you can activate this.

JBKlutse Weekly episode 37
Photo Credit: WhatsApp.com

[Google Photos]

Google has reported that its unlimited storage of photos is coming to an end in June 2021. After you exhaust your 15 GB free Google Drive storage, you would have to pay if you want more storage. Here’s all you need to Read more.

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  • Biggest tech improvements in music – Read more.

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