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MIUI 12 features: Xiaomi’s operating system living up to the hype – With the recent global launch of MIUI 12, Xiaomi has finally announced itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to manufacturing smartphones. Having come a long way since 2010, MIUI supports 80 languages now. But then, what is this hype regarding the latest MIUI version all about? Read more to find out.

MIUI 12 features: Xiaomi's operating system living up to the hype


Launch yourself into the G-Money experience – You’ve heard by now how convenient and secure the G-Money payment platform is. In fact, the G-Money experience for many has been pleasant, and gradually, that awareness is catching on with people. Want to be part of that awesome experience? It’s simple; just dial the shortcode *422# and launch yourself into the G-Money lifestyle. Read more about G-Money here.

Launch yourself into the G-Money experience with the *422# code


COVID-19 is good news for the African industrial revolution agenda – The African industrial revolution has been spoken about for decades as a possibility. With various models mooted over time, it has been treated as one of such pipe dream issues — from a global perspective. The advent of COVID-19, however, has presented Africa with a clear cut opportunity to rise to the occasion and build strong foundations for a self-sufficient and industrialized future. Read more.

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