The University of Ghana is the oldest and largest of the thirteen Ghanaian national public universities. It was founded in 1948, in the British colony of the Gold Coast, as the University College of the Gold Coast, and was originally an affiliated college of the University of London which supervised its academic programs and awarded degrees. After independence in 1957, the college was renamed the University College of Ghana. It changed its name again to the University of Ghana in 1961 when it gained full university status. The University of Ghana is situated on the West view of the Accra Legon hills and at the northeast of the centre of Accra, now has various schools, institutions, colleges and departments and has over 40,000 registered students.

The University of Ghana which is mainly based at Legon, about 12 kilometres northeast of the centre of Accra has its medical school in the town called Korle-Bu, with a teaching hospital and a secondary/external campus in the city of Accra. It also has a graduate school of nuclear and Allied Sciences at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, making it one of the few universities on the African continent offering programs in nuclear physics and nuclear engineering.

The University of Ghana is looking for qualified persons to fill in the following positions:

University of Ghana Computing Systems

  • Telecom Engineer
  • Academic Computing
  • IT and Network Security Specialist
  • Data Center Specialist
  • Storage Specialist

Regional Institute of Population Studies

  • Director

School of Agriculture 

  • Research Fellow (Entomology)
  • Research Fellow (Plant Breeder)


An applicant for the position is required to submit an application pack to the Registrar, the University of Ghana, P. O. Box LG 25, Legon, Accra, Ghana (Hardcopy) or (Soft Copy).


The application pack should contain the following:
i.    Completed application form for Senior Administrative and Professional Staff Application: (UAB Form 1B) to be downloaded from the University’s website

ii.   An up to date Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant academic and/or professional certificates.


Further information about the University of Ghana may be found on the University website at


Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Location: Accra, Ghana

Closing Date: 31 January 2022

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