Ladies, what you have inside your handbag tells a lot about your person. No lady should move about only to end up getting stranded because the basic items she needs are nowhere to be found. Let’s help you with these vital items. See Important items that should be in your bag as a lady:
1. Lip gloss/lip balm: Your lips can be kept moisturized from time to time to ensure they do not look dry and chapped at any point in time. Keeping Lip gloss/lip balm in your bag will make your lips appear cute always.
2. Hand Cream: Your skin has to be moisturized all the time. Moving about with ashy fingers is not the best and hand cream can help you with that.
3. Blotting Paper: As you go about your daily business, your face could get oily, especially for women who have oily skin. Not to worry though, because a blotting paper will absorb excess oils on your face without tampering with your makeup. It is a very key item.
4. Hand Sanitizers: You need this one since soap and water will not be easily accessible wherever you are. These sanitizers help to kill germs and they will be useful for when you visit the toilet, use dirty doorknobs in public, e.t.c. Just buy one that comes with a bag clip so it can be clipped to your bag seamlessly.
5. Chewing gum/mints: Bad breath is a disaster. But with a pack of gum or mints, your mouth will remain fresh every day and this boosts you confident when you speak to people.

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