IT Consortium has earned praise and commendation from the Bank of Ghana to support the country’s digital transformation.
With several innovations in the tech industry aimed at providing solutions to help develop the country’s financial industry, the IT Consortium received the commendation of the Bank of Ghana during the 20th anniversary of the launch of the tech company.
IT Consortium is one of Africa’s leading financial services technology solutions providers with a mission to provide innovative systems that bring obvious value to our patrons. They adopt technology to create systems that provide clear competitive advantages to our customers. At IT Consortium, they strictly adhere to high ethical standards and exhibit pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects.
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Speaking at the 20th Anniversary launch of ITC, First Deputy Governor Dr Maxwell Opoku-Afari, said ITC’s contribution to the “conceptualization, designing and implementation of the flagship Ghana.Gov platform which is at the core of the digital economy project is laudable.”
Ghana.gov is the government online platform through which Ghanaians can apply for passports, birth and death certificates, driver’s license, register companies, pay utility bills, and access many other services state institutions and pay directly online.
Dr Opoku-Afari pointed out that despite the hostile environment for Fintechs at the time, ITC demonstrated an unusual appreciation of BoG’s direction of financial sector development. They have competently supported the digital transformation agenda of the Ghanaian financial services industry with digital solutions relevant to Ghana’s developmental needs.
“A stellar example is the Chango crowdfunding product, the first of its kind by a licensed institution in Ghana, introduced to improve on the traditional “susu” model for raising funds among a group of persons,” he noted.
“In an era when the word “Fintech” was alien to the library of finance vocabulary, and the thought of technology companies providing financial services would have been considered sacrilegious, IT Consortium was established,” he added.
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Dr Opoku-Afari believes that it is an achievement for IT Consortium to have been in the tech industry in a developing country like Ghana for 20 years and not fold up. They deserve to be commended for remaining relevant for 20 years in the tech industry in Ghana.
IT Consortium is indeed a driving force in the country’s digital transformation as it currently serves 19 commercial banks, 140 rural banks, telcos, insurance companies, and several state and corporate organizations.
They are the reason why Ghanaians can pay utility bills, pay TV bills, school fees, and other things with their mobile money and bank accounts digitally.
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