The moment isolation became inevitable all across the globe, the thoughts of staying at home with bae filled our hearts with joy. Thinking about the discussions you will both have and the things you will do together automatically makes it a period to enjoy. However, do not expect everything to be rosy indoors as there will be problems here and there. Let discuss some of them below:
1. Your patience will wear thin: Staying with your woman for days will surely lead to her getting on your nerves at one point or the other. Arguments are to be expected and it will be up to both of you to resolve things quickly. Always remember that you can both beat the argument and thrash out issues asap. The experience will surely help the relationship because you will begin to understand each other better.
2. Sexual issues: If you have sexual issues that you have been doing everything possible to hide, it will definitely be out in the open during this period. Therefore, be ready for the tough conversations you have been avoiding. It is not the end of the world, sharing will lead you to a solution.
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3. Stress: When you are both in your faces for 2 weeks, feeling stressed is very possible. However, when this happens, do not take it out on her. You both must also be sensitive to know when the other requires some space to have alone time. It is all about understanding each other.

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