iPhone users watch more
image from the Insight report

According to recent statistics available to Jbklutse.com from pornhub, indicated users using Apple’s devices tend to be more up-to-date than their Android counterparts. 71% of Apple visitors are using iOS 13 (released September 2019), while only 48% of Android visitors are on the latest Pie (released a year earlier in August 2018).

The report also seems to have been impacted by the slight decline in Windows traffic and the increase in time spent on the site.

The iPhone users also include those using older versions of the iPhone.

The USA was the country with the highest number of viewers and India leaving the 1st five spots.

Pornhub often releases statistics to third sites and makes the public for review,2019’s statistics saw a lot of new searches and changes in users behavior viewing adult contents.

Meanwhile in 2017 Facebook Rolled New Tool To Stop ‘Revenge Porn’ – Sharing of Leaked Images.


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