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Reports have said that Apple might be planning for its yearly iPhone software update this year. Bloomberg also believes Apple has made some modifications to how it tests forthcoming iPhone software to prevent the bug that affected iOS 13 during its release months ago. Well, as we await its 2020 release, we have listed various ways Apple can further boost the iPhone experience for users. See iPhone features we want to see in 2020:

1. A less-buggy launch: iOS 13 came with several bugs and glitches that affected Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and the device’s keyboard. It got so bad that Apple had to launch a follow-up software update to rectify the issue. We do not want these problems in iOS 14.

2. More Siri-based intelligence throughout the operating system: Apple’s iOS software is smarter nowadays thanks to Siri. For instance, Siri is now able to make suggestions for friends you might wish to add to a meeting based on previous emails and events. However, it would be even better if Siri is able to make suggestions based on the applications that users never use, so they can get rid of them.

3. A better lock screen: Apple needs to be inspired by the Apple Watch with this one. Your Watch shows all types of info at a glance. Information like the time, weather, shortcuts for beginning an exercise or making a FaceTime call. iOS 14 can improve its lock screen functionality as well in such a way that it will not be so cluttered.

4. Proper multitasking: This feature has been available on Android and iPad for several years. It is now time for our iPhones to run more than one application on the screen at the same time.

5. The ability to change app defaults: When you tap a link or an address from an SMS or an email, Apple still directs you one of its own applications like Safari or Apple Maps, instead of allowing you to select your own choice of service. We want this to change in iOS 14.


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