Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its iPad and here are some of the fun facts about one of the world’s innovative smart devices. When it was launched in January 2010, a lot of people classified it as a giant iPhone. The only difference was the iPad couldn’t make calls.

With time, this device was placed in the ‘best’ tablets category. Below are some interesting fun facts about the iPad.

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Fun facts about the iPad

1. Resurrected from the late 90s

The iPad is a resurrection of an old device Apple released in 1993 — the Newton MessagePad. This device looked more like a personal digital assistant (PDA) than a modern tablet.

The MessagePad had a stylus as the device used a handwriting recognition software to translate what users wrote. But the device didn’t seem to do well on the market as it was discontinued in 1998.

12 years later it was resurrected, this time in the form of a larger iPhone.

apple newton messagepad
Newton Messagepad

2. Taking photos is always awkward

Just imagine yourself holding a large piece of electronic nearly the size of your laptop’s screen, in public. How awkward that could make you feel. The iPad genuinely doesn’t look at the ideal device for snapping photos in public.

However, this doesn’t insinuate that the iPad is terribly bad for photography. As an Apple product, photography features on the iPad cannot be underrated. Compared to the iPhone, the iPad can aid you take superb photos and videos.

fun facts ipad photo in public

3. A powerful educational companion

The iPad over the years has proven to be one of the most liked educational gadgets. And that’s probably because of its level of mobility as compared to desktop computers and laptops.

Of course, tablets from other companies have also flooded the educational system but it is much more safer to say Apple’s iPad spearheaded the trend.

4. Now autonomous

The iPad is now autonomous as it has its own operating system. Previously, it was using iOS, the iPhone’s operating software. But last year, Apple announced the iPad will run on its own iPadOS. Thus, the iPads released in 2019 run the iPadOS, and the same will be said about the phone in subsequent years.

5. Still on top

I bet it is really refreshing for Apple to know that its device released 10 years ago is still the king of its category on the market. In 2018, the iPad was able to jump over the 400 million sale mark, according to Venture Beat.

Another report from Strategy Analytics shows that the iPad accounted for more than 26 percent of all tablet shipments. The other brands shared the remaining percentage with no individual brand crossing 14 percent (13.9 percent to be exact).

These are some few facts about the world’s most popular tablet, the iPad. Admiringly, though there are numerous competitors, the iPad has not lost its relevance. It is still swimming with the sharks while the rest, can be described as being swallowed by the sharks.


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