iOS13.2: 7 best hidden iPhone and iPad features you should know about

best hidden iPhone and iPad features
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Apple‘s iOS 13 and iPadOS 13’s launch has been the talk of the town for several days now. Since its unveiling, various updates have been launched in just more than one month. The latest version is iOS 13.2, which included support for the iPhone 11’s Deep Fusion camera trick, the new AirPods Pro, and lots of new emojis.

They are all amazing features, but how about the ones Apple did not announce and are as useful and vital as the ones above? Check them out in our list of 7 best hidden iPhone and iPad features you should know about?:

1. Optimized battery charging: To use it, head to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and enable it.
2. A new Scroll Bar
3. Documents can be scanned in the Files app.
4. iMessage search now works.
5. You can search your iPhone with your voice.
6. Pictures can be shared with or without location information.
7. A mouse can be used to control your iOS device. Just head to Settings > Accessibility> Touch > Assistive Touch (enable it) > Pointing Devices.


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